Workers compensation appeal board

Alison –

Victim Location 29369

Total money lost $750

Type of a scam Government Grant

Received text message saying that Martha Sloan has been the receipt of$150,000. Martha said she saw my name on the list as one of the people that WCAB (Works Compensation Appeal Board) and HHS ( Health and Human Services) wanted to help. I should get on Facebook and get in touch with Sarah Nichols. Sarah Nichols is located in Ohio according to Facebook. I did contact Sarah and she did inform me that my name is on a list and that if I pay $500.00 in taxes and shipping cost I would receive my free gift of $150,000.00. At the time my car was giving me trouble and told her my car was broken and could not get a Western Union transfer to pay the $500.00. She told me that her Director will give me a call. The Director (Mr. Williams) told me to get a cab and he would knock off $50.00, I would only have to pay $450.00. I got a friend to give me a ride to WalMart and bought a money gram and sent the $450.00 to them by text. I took a picture of the receipt, which has the claim number on it. This transaction did not clear, so I went to BI-LO in Woodruff on Aug 4, 2018 and had money sent by Western Union to address Sameka O. Green – 3619 Charmblanyne Ave., Richmond, Va 23227. I received my money back from WalMart so that is what I sent money by Western Union. Sarah Nichols told me after the payment of $450.00 cleared she told me that I would have to pay $300.00 in state taxes. I told her that I did not have $300.00. She told me she was pulling some strings that would reduce the amount to $100.00. I went to WalMart and bought a Visa Card for $100.00 and sent by photo by phone with a copy of the receipt. I asked if my package was on the way, she stated no, I owed an additional $200.00. Went to WalMart again and bought another gift card for $200.00 and sent in that in on 8/27/2018. I was texted back and told that they could not use the gift card for $200.00 it needed to be two $100.00 gift cards. So I went to the CVS in Woodruff to send the two $100.00 gift cards and was told there was no money on the card. The $200.00 had already been with drawn from the card. Mr. Williams had been texting me and stated that WalMart had not applied the $200.00 on the cards. I called WalMart and they said the money was on the card and that this company had withdrawn the money on the card. I texted Mr. Williams back and told him WalMart stated the card had been redeemed. Mr. Williams swore to me that he does not have anything to do with the card. Card that withdrawn the money was Tranthum.

Aimee –

Victim Location 76051

Type of a scam Government Grant

A"cousin" (friend) on the messenger, contacted me and said he had just had a check delivered to his door from fed-ex. When he was signing for it, he noticed my name two above his name on the list for delivery. He gave me the phone # to call to check on getting my Grant money from the U.S. Gov. and Private Grant Foundations, who give away billions in free money every year through the State Dept. I could have up to $700,000., and never have to repay it.

I had to message them back my full name, address, email, male or female, hearing or deaf, own house?, Age, monthly income.

I was told to keep this a secret until I received the money.,

My Ref.No.:BE6006/85428

BatchNo: 282070001HRS


(the amount my "fake cousin" suggested I ask for)

I asked for my "cousins" phone number, and called "him" to verify that this wasn’t a scam. As soon as I heard his voice, I knew it wasn’t him, and I messaged that I cancelled, and would not accept the fed-ex delivery. They said it was too late to cancel!

They didn’t ask for any money…SS#, etc., but I don’t know what damage they will do with the info I have them.

I will notify police and Facebook tomorrow.

Charles –

Victim Location 99208

Type of a scam Government Grant

Message I received on Facebook "My name is Agent Lawrence Quindica From Desk of WCAB said that I had been selected for a grant and said that is was to help people out. I could use the money as a down payment on a house or to buy a car or whatever I needed. The second text said that I needed to send in quite a bit of personal information. That’s when I contacted BBB.

Dana –

Victim Location 45322

Type of a scam Phishing

Received text from Bill Carter – Delivery Notification indicating I had $90,000 coming to me from workers comp. But first I needed to pay $1575.00 by cashers check or directly from my bank account. Refernce 790363010692 Batch number 24/00319/1IP. Payment is for tax and reference fees.

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