Workplace Compliance Service

Amy –

Victim Location 80528

Type of a scam Other

This company is just one of many in a very complex scheme to defraud businesses registered all over the country by misleading mailing solicitations.

Our business received a letter mailed to us through the US Postal Service offering their services and implying that we needed to file a periodic report and that we were potentially delinquent for the state of Colorado.

This letter comes in an official looking envelope with the zip code 33912 and contains the pre-printed “instruction form” and typed return envelope.

The instruction form contained our business information:

– Business Name

– Address

– State issued ID number

– Entity start date

– Registered agent

– Jurisdiction (state)

It also contained a month that our periodic report is “due” that corresponds with our business’s start date, but in reality we knew our periodic report was due in May, not March.

This instruction form also request payment of $95 to:

Workplace Compliance Services

18601 Green Valley Ranch Blvd. Ste 108-361 ** this is a UPS store

Denver, CO. 80249

It also requests authorization for an “electronic signature” along with the Title and Signature of the officer or registered agent, phone number and email address. This information could ultimately be very dangerous in the wrong hands.

Joe –

Victim Location 80233

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

received in the mail a ‘Periodic Report Instruction Form’ stated the name of LLC and the fact that we were required to file a periodic report and the would file it for you for a fee – $75 + $10 state fee – also stated the laws which are the correct laws — however….

This can be done directly with Colo Dept of State online- it is simple – you do it yearly – and the fee is $10….you don’t need help.

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