World Congress Research (WC Research)

Sierra –

Victim Location 15108

Type of a scam Phishing

On Thursday, 10/13/2016 I received a phone call at 8:22 PM EDT from a local Pittsburgh phone number: 412-773-8002. The man on the phone said his name was Ivan Torres calling from a company called World Congress Research Institute (WC Research). I pressed him about what the call was in regards to and he said that they’re using the voter registration list to survey people about their views on the 2016 presidential candidates. He was very insistant that I answer some brief questions otherwise they’d call me again at a later time. He asked me:

1.) Of the four choices on the ballot, for whom do you plan to vote for on November 8th?

2.) If the only two choices you had were Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, for whom would you vote?

3.) How favorable is Hillary Clinton to you?

4.) How favorable is Donald Trump to you?

5.) In what year were you born?

The questions seemed general enough but I told him I was not comfortable answering some of them, which he notated. He did not offer any compensation/prizes for answering the questions and did not ask for any additional information. There was no mention of money, social security numbers, or credit cards, just the questions regarding the general election. He did not tell me I could vote over the phone, nor did he ask if I wanted to change my voter registration status. However, I asked for a web address to find out more about this "organization" to which Mr. Torres replied "oh I don’t have an exact website to give you, try Googling us…". I did exactly that and found nothing related to a research institute. All I found was a company called World Congress that provides resources for healthcare seminars and conferences. I would like to report this as a possible phone scam as it relates to registered voters.  He did ask for my Birth Year. No company address, phone # or website was given. 

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