World Hearing Senior Center

Henry –

Victim Location 63383

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I received a text message thru messenger from Virginia Braxton, a Special Agent in Charge with World Hearing Senior Center and Veterans Retire Workers. They claimed they were trying to locate a family member and needed to verify information. They said that I won $100,000, but this was reduced to $80,000. In order to obtain this money from Publish Clearinghouse, not Publishers Clearinghouse. They said I would have to go to Walmart and purchase $1000 in Walmart cards to send this money to obtain my $80,000 and it would be delivered in 4 hours by Fedex. They gave me a phone number of 607-444-1443, but when I called this number it belonged to a Vicki and I did not leave a message. They told me James is my family member and it appears they have hacked James’s Facebook page. The information in messenger is very detailed and extensive. Many words are misspelled and the grammar is poor. They gave me a facebook page to verify Virginia Braxton which is

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