World Mark Delivery

Barry –

Victim Location 54303

Total money lost $6,000

Type of a scam Romance

Reported by husband: My wife was on a FaceBook page for Vin Diesel and she commented on the death of one of his friends. A few days later she was contacted by Vin Deisel on Instagram inviting her to his private page on Google Hangouts. For 6 1/2 months they talked and he started asking for money, a hundred here and there via iTune cards. He was writing a movie script and his money was tied up. At one point he sent her a Moneygram in the amount of $1500, asked her to cash it and send it back to him, along with the fees, to Nigeria. Over that time period she sent app. 15, $100 iTune cards. Then he said that he had a gift for her that she would be receiving in a few days, but needed S & H so she sent $1850. He sent a picture of a diamond necklace and a suitcase full of money. She was then contacted by and told that she need to send another $2100 and she did. Finally she was told that it was held up in customs and was told she needed to send an additional $5,500. At this point she told me what was going on and I told her that it was a scam. She paid with iTune cards, credit cards and from our savings account and sent app $6,000.

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