World Vacation and Travel Group, LLC

Bobby –

Victim Location 92672

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Alan was contacted to purchase some of our timeshare weeks for our resort the Grand Solmar in Cabo San Lucus Mexico. We were provided an initial offer and was told we would receive the full agreement once we signed the initial offer. We asked a lot of questions, i.e. who would pay the maintenance fees, when do we get paid, etc. We also asked if they would be able to work a deal for an upgraded suite for our wedding reception in Cabo. We were then put into contact with another company GEM-DMC out of Cancun. They offered a "to good to be true" deal on a 4 bdrm penthouse but they required a wire-transfer. We immediately became suspicious. We asked GEM-DMC for a reference and they provided a name of someone that they said works at Grand Solmar and has been doing business with them for a while. We talked to him and he seemed to know all the right things to say. We have our timeshare sales person looking into whether this person does truly work at Grand Solmar but haven’t heard back from them on this yet. We then asked a friend of ours to see if they could find any complaints online as we were unsuccessful in doing so. She too was unsuccessful but did find that the 3 executives listed on World Vacation Travel Groups website were not who they were listed as on the website and were photos they found online. We asked them about this and they assured us those 3 executives were real and would check with their IT group. That same day we noticed they took those photos and references to the executives off of their website. We have not heard from them or GEM-DMC since.

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