World Wid Technologies, INC

Leslie –

Victim Location 16127

Type of a scam Employment

I found WWT through so I thought it was legit for sure but that isn’t the case.

I have been in contact with Mr/Mrs. Ann W Marr (WWT rep) for a week or so and eventually said I was hired.

They sent me a $3700 check only to have me (all of a sudden and with no warning) to go a walmart and send a money order to someone i have never spoken to or ever heard of. That was a big red flag but while in the process of sending the money order to this unknown person, the walmart employee recognized this because it happened to someone that he helped out doing the same thing. The employee suggested I don’t send the money order so I didn’t, I went to my bank.

After the bank performed research on the check they determined the company and check is fraudulent and a scam. Thanks to the walmart employee my life was saved because it surely would have been ruined by having negative $3700 in my account, let alone daily overdraft fees.

Its hard to wrap my head around this because this company has been around for so long, but I trust my bank when they said the company and check was fraudulent.

I hope something can be done quickly before they try to scam someone else.

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