World Wide Processing/FMR

Walter –

Victim Location 45420

Total money lost $330

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was contacted back in March of 2018 stating that FMR/World Wide Processing had bought a debt that I owed I believe on a credit card. The guy I talked to was very nice and professional so I believed I owed this debt. I agreed to the payment that I set up. Fast forward to now. I had an unauthorized charge happen on my bank card so my bank closed my card to protect me. I tried to contact the company (FMR/World Wide Processing) last week with no luck. I called several times and left messages yet still no return call. The call went straight to a voicemail with the name Nick Wells. Today I received a courtesy call from World Wide Processing about the payment that will be coming out on Wednesday this week and that is when I stopped the young lady. I told her what happened and asked if there was any other way to add a new payment method. She informed me that it had to be on a debit or credit card. I then asked her who the original creditor was and she told me it was JTM Capital Management and that this was a credit card that I was paying on. I then called JTM Capital Management and asked them who the original creditor was and they told me Service Credit Union. I have never heard of this place in my life. I decided to call Service Credit Union and talked to their debt collection department. They have no information on me anywhere in their system. FMR has not sent me any proof of this debt and is not returning any of my calls. My next step is to contact my bank. The way I found out about FMR was doing a search on them just to find a different number to call them on and had come across the BBB site about them. I followed the link and read the alert about this company.

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