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Steve –

Victim Location 87102

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

In October 2018 I received a call from a man stating he was calling in regards to our Xerox ink (automatically thought it was Lewan company where we get our ink from). He stated i would get a call from carol that prices went up but we would still get the ink for the special price. 12/11/18 had a voicemail from a carol asking when we would pay the invoice $598. I attempted to call back get more information, but had to leave voicemail. Later that day received an email with the invoice; stating my name under the ORDERED BY, 1 black toner WC 7525. Emailed back asking if apart of Lewan Xerox- Stated that wwbizsvc is not affiliated with another supplier. I called Lewan Xerox (supplier we go through) They advised me this is a scam. The way Lewan described how they scam was exactly what happened. I emailed Carol Back and advised I’m not paying that, they are scamming me. She replied no problem, just send back the toner. I do not have anything to send to them, because we did not get anything.

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