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Mitchell –

Victim Location 92114

Type of a scam Employment

I apply for this job in December I’m in the beginning it was supposed to be a third shipping company with sometimes a little skeptical about at first I did not first shipping with no problems or issues I did about 15 shipping they send me an email from payroll said I would receive $2,500 my first my first check will take a whole month for me to receive my money they said I’ll take a whole month to receive my first check which I thought I was still a little bit skeptical so they’re supposed to pay me on the 15th I haven’t received any money yet they sent me an email saying that something is wrong with your account is going to take about 3 days for them to fix it and so I’m just really worried because I was supposed to be moving into my new apartment on the 15th and I was unable to because of not receiving my payment has not received my payment yet so I need to know if this is a scammer

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