Worldwide Dreams Distributor

Brandon –

Victim Location 33024

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by this company under the name of Enterios dba worldwide dreams distributors for employment at home. The terms were to be in training for 30 days then get paid $2000 and $50 for travel. The job entailed receiving packages checking them and mailing them back out to the person who orginally paid for the package. I did that for 30 days. I jad constant contact with the supervisor, payroll and hr constantly. Whem it came time for me to be paid, I got an email from payroll saying their corporate bamk account with Bank Of America was compromised and it would take 3 days. I was supposed to get paid on Jan 11, 2018. I got this email on Monday, Jan 16, 2018. I have not since heard from them til this day. They have nit retuened any calls. They have not responded to any emails and the system I would log into has been down since Jan 17, 2018. So I have not been compensated for the work I did from Dec 12, 2017 to Jan 11, 2018. I sent in a W2 amd my bank account info to have my money direct deposited. I have several emails from them as well.

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