Worldwide Internship

Louis –

Victim Location 30003

Type of a scam Employment

Hello, I faced such a scammers, which suppose to orginize to people all over the world internship in different countries like U.S , Emirates, Australia, China and some others. The thing is, that you going on their website, choosing programm, hospitality, culinary, or business, then you make a registration, putting all your data, where are you from, which programm you want and etc, and just after that, you choosing their scam agent, and choose the date, which is free, and book an interview. So This Agent name was Luz Alcantara from Mexico, or Spain, I didn’t get exactly. First think what was strange, that on website, she have position like Director, and there, about her biography was written that in 2006 she found her all business. But in skype, in her profile, written that she have 25 years old, and she looks like on 27 maximum. And then I suppose to had inteview 10/11/2017 on 2.30 PM(+4) Georgia, Tbilisi, but she told me that have some problems with PC, and I had an interview only after 3 hours. But okey, after 5 minutes of interview she told me that I am "eligible on 100%" , after that she explained me about 25 minutes how it works and where should I pay, so I was asked firstly to send them passport scan, diploma, trancripts of records, and motviation vide, and after all, I have to pay 350$ for enrolment, and then, after they would find me a work in U.S, I suppose to pay 3550$, and then, they will assist me with VISA, and welcome to U.S. And there was a lot of non-coincidence, like on their web page was written that this price included a housing, but she told me that housing cost 80-120$ per week, some grammer mistakes on their website, incorrect information and etc. And one more thing, when I told her, that my friend adviced me, and he working in U.S now, she started to worry, and told me that’s intriguing, and start to ask me about my friend, where he is working, how he find them and etc. So I had interview 10/11/2017, and I noticed that in 14/11/2017 I tryed to open their website and got 404 ERROR, PAGE NOT FOUND. But I am sure, they will create new one soon.

Information about my adress is incorrect, because I am not from U.S I am from country Georgia. But Age, phone, e-mail, and name is truth.

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