Timothy –

Victim Location 32256

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Some of the high school students are taking part in discussion and involved in Wotabu, a sketchy "company" that offers travel deals. Students/clients can become ambassadors to live a "life worth talking about" with great adventures. Of course, all these people are asked to do is purchase a membership of $400, $300, or $50. Paying to work!?…Name one legitimate business where that happens! After reviewing the website (www.wotabu.com), people are sucked into believing they can live a life of adventure for extremely cheap prices. After paying, you receive "commission" for having other people sign up…so basically you’re scamming friends/family for vacations that aren’t legit. After reading online reviews and speaking with students, we find that people aren’t truly receiving discounts and traveling to different destinations. The higher up and founding people make money, while the lower people may make a little commission.

There are online rumors that the company is already being investigate for suspicious activity and schemes. Their founders are under investigation for past companies and pyramid schemes. See "Vemma", a former company that sold nutritional drinks based on a "multi-level marketing approach". This company was the scam people tried to include me in while i was in college 5 years ago. The company’s Facebook page says they are based in Nairobi, Kenya (because great American travel agencies always start there!).

They speak of access to hotels/resorts/beaches that everyone has access to, and the "discounted" prices don’t include flight, travel, food, etc. Reviews say that people lose money and aren’t paid commissions.

Network and multi-level marketing= pyramid scheme!!!

Samuel –

Victim Location 32259

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

This company is asking people to sign up at certain entry levels, anywhere from $30 to $400 to participate in "challenges" all over the world to win prizes like vacations or to get major discounted trips to anywhere. The higher you buy in, the more "points" you earn and the more people you recruit to buy into this "program" the more money you can make. They are also promoting a new energy invention, by a guy named John Rosebush, that is "about to change the world". Telling "Young entrepreneurs" that by signing up and becoming a member of "Wotabu" that you’ll be a big part of this breakthrough invention. The 2 top guys involved are Luke Hessler, who I have already linked to several companies investigated as Pyramid Scam businesses, one of them being Vemma. The other guys name is Michael Valor. As far as I can tell, is a public speaker of whatever. There is no physical product, it’s more like purchasing a membership for "extreme discounts" on travel. I also have not found how Wotabu has anything to do with the energy invention. They never tell how they are linked. What would selling a travel membership have to do with an energy invention?

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