would not give me a business name

Martha –

Victim Location 53022

Type of a scam Tech Support

A New Jersey, NJ phone, 201-993-1283, number called my family’s business and left a message about the website having issues and they needed to fix the website. I called back the number and the guy on the other line said his name was Luke, but he would not tell me what business he was calling from. When I informed this Luke person that when customer’s call a business that business is not afraid to give the name of their business out he became infuriated. Luke then cursed me out, wished me death and hung up on me. I looked up "Luke’s" number on Whitepages and found out he has 12 other phone lines as well. At the time, Luke’s phone number was registered to Luke C. and I reported the number as a scam. I went back to look at the Luke’s phone number on Whitepages and they have now changed who the phone number is registered to and now the reports of the number being a scam are gone! I did call this phone number to make sure it was the same person who answered the phone and it was.

Please be aware, because any type of legitimate company will never contact you first about services you need or that you won a lottery. Make sure you are proactive, get the person’s name, phone number, business name AND address. Then look that business up and call them back using a different phone number than the one they originally gave you. Then ask the business to verify the information you got originally from the call.

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