Would not give me name

Jon –

Victim Location 15613

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received an voicemail stating I had 4 allegations against me & local police coming to me. I’m to call them asap. I called back & asked who this was they were caught off guard & they wouldn’t tell me or I couldn’t understand them. Asked him to repeat he didn’t know what to say asked him to remove me from their list. He said NO. Told him why would they leave a threatening voicemail about cops coming to get me for 4 allegations? & that I would be reporting them! He said my local cops couldn’t do anything! I hung up.

Whitney –

Victim Location 62450

Type of a scam Tech Support

Telemarketer number is 866-466-4129. Describes that my computer has been compromised in some way and they were advised by my internet provider to call me and get access to my computer to check. They can not answer questions as to who my provider is, ie, Frontier or Verizon etc. When I told them no and do not call back they called me 4 more times in a row and demanded to fix or check my computer or I would be in trouble or there would be theft on my vital info stored in my computer.

I called my provider and reported this to them I also looked up the number on reverse look-up and it shows several complaints same MO as described above on several different numbers all starting with 855-466 then different last 4 numbers. Take a look at this scam.

Oscar –

Victim Location 30161

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

A person called claiming to want to lower my interest rate on my credit cards and wanted my last 4 digits of social security and credit card number.

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