Would not give name

Jay –

Victim Location 77530

Type of a scam Phishing

I don’t answer numbers I don’t know. This lady left a message saying she was Yolanda short. Never gave a business name. She said the name of the county I live in and said there was a file on me. Said I was to contact her immediately and they would be contacting my employer. A call was also made to several of my family members asking my whereabouts. When I call back number rings and no one answers. I called the 8443516834 number and a lady answered hello. No business identifying. I asked her name she said Lily. I told her I had a message to call this number- she looked up my name and said there was nothing there under my name. I asked what the place was and she said a county court. I asked for address and she said we don’t give that out…Calls are being made every day from these people. And calling my family!

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