Would say

Christopher –

Victim Location 91342

Type of a scam Phishing

9-12-17 Received a call from a women in the afternoon. She asked if my name was so and so, then asked if my address was blank. She didn’t identify herself. I didn’t answer yes or no, my wife took over the call and asked who is this and why are you calling. The women on the line still didn’t identify herself but, said that there had been a reverse mortgage taken out on the property address on the 2nd. My wife said no there hasn’t and the women immediately hung up. My wife called back. The number didn’t seem like a legitimate business number because it was a recording that the person is on the other line. After several more attempts my wife gets thur to a women that just answers hello no business name or professional greeting. When my wife asked why they had just called they hung up quickly the 2nd time. Definitely seems like a scam call to get me to say yes. Luckily we didn’t.

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