Wowfactor Design/VizCandi Design Employment Scam

Jacquelyn –

Victim Location 98512

Type of a scam Employment

Jazz Lackey of Wowfactor Design and VizCandi Scammed me out of over 600 dollars worth of drafting services.

He added me to his Slack team, an online platform for communication and file sharing, and after I started catching on that he had no intention of paying me a cent, he dropped me from his slack team along with most of the data that proves that I provided him services.

Thankfully I still had enough data retained on my end to take him to court, but I see now that he has been running this scam on his other slack members, and multiple online reviews online has shown that he has run this scam on many others in the past.

He is an evil slimy man and must be stopped.

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