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Type of a scam Employment


Wonderful Presents Service inc company main office is located in Wilmington, DE. Our customers are regular Americans that want to deliver their packages to the recipients not only safely, but also want them to be good-looking, festal and heartwarming.  By getting a gift handler position, you will become an important link in our corporation’s firm chain and while bringing the good revenue and stability in your life, you will also be able to bring some brightness in somebody else’s life too.  

This position relates to our firm’s logistics department. Our enterprise works successfully due to correct and well organised vision of our activity. We do not only use paper in our custom gift wrappings. It can also be carton, plastic, different decorations, wood and also innovative technologies of printing. Considering that most of the products we work with are small sized, wrapping and decorating them will not be a difficulty.  

With this job you will be able to surprise relatives on Holidays by wrapping a present with your own hands. In spite of that wrapping with the most complicated material will not take longer than 5-15 minutes from you, we will only be providing you with the simplest tasks in the beginning of your working process, so that you could accomplish your tasks in time and get bonuses while learning the new skills at the same time.

 Your minimal fixed monthly salary will equal $1,850. There also is a bonus of $25 per each task accomplished in 24 hours since receiving the package. That means that you have to send the prepared package within 24 hours after you receive the shipping instructions from us.   Base salary itself is paid monthly, 30 days after you send the first package. Salary can be paid with the most comfortable way for you upon your choice.  

Let us know if you will be having a positive decision. We will send you all the necessary documentation and after that will be able to begin our cooperation as quickly as possible.   You can apply for the position by responding to this email and we will give you the further instructions or let us know if you would like to fill the application form on our web page. Let us know.  

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