Randall –

Victim Location 85032

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I work in a Casino this person "Omar" Carlo Camarena, came in played cards often. Very Personable very generous . Many new him as a "great guy" He over heard me speak of a pocket watch I had to sell and he said he goes to auctions (as a business) and he is a contractor etc. He said he is the middle man and his "uncle " would be in town for the next two days , If he likes the watch he would probably buy it. He came to my home saw the watch (i had an appraisal ) we looked at it thoroughly. he starts talking about a business deal ( with the auction) where you give him x amount of money and in return he will split it with you.. I said lets do one transaction at a time. He said he would give me a check but not to cash it and once his uncle saw the watch he would give as in exchange for the check. I waited a few days and Carlo (omar) said his uncle needed a few more days. I told him it doesn’t take that long and that is when the red flags went up. He went from he gave his phone to a worker to he can’t believe he can’t get a phone , has too may vm .. then a week went buy he had been in the casino said not to do business at the casino. he stopped responding to emails .. his vm was full… when he called it was from a land line or restricted..I went to the bank to cash the check and I had worked at a bank so when the teller said" return the check to the maker: I knew it was fraud. June 15th I received a call from Omar,,, and got a a story !! I had said I thought you scammed me and he said I wouldn’t do that with everyone you know at the casino.. He said My uncle wants to meet up Tuesday and we will exchange the watch for cash . This also made no sense, Of course no call no show…

Others that I have spoken to have stated that he has asked them for money or to do a job and of course they know now he is a scammer. I looked him up his "llc with Costal Companies and that is fraud as well. Do Not trust this and give him any money or items. That watch was very important to me and it is my bad that I did allow this man to be trusted but I did not think he was playing me. He did want my other watch and the email I received from him did say "Ok When my uncle is in town next time and if I have it he will look at it..I have told many people about this and i will find him. He writes fraudulent checks His MO left his wallet at home , gave his phone email not working etc… All the red flags do not trust this person.

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