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Victim Location 97482

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The website wtsitem.com is spamming the online video game Star Trek Online with messages to buy currency and other items from the game WITHOUT the support or agreement of Star Trek online, Cryptic Studios, ArcGames, or Perfect World Entertainment. These people do NOT have permission to make these sales and are spamming people inside of Star Trek Online’s game client, Including myself *** *** *** *** *** ***.

Items include that which is sold in Star Trek Online’s item store.

Here is a sample of the message being spammed, illegally, to players to make illegal profit from these unsanctioned messages :

[email protected]: < wtsitem .com>$18.18/100M EC+10M,22keys=$18.99

EC stands for electronic credits, a free in-game currency

Keys are item store items sold for 125 and 1,125 "Zen" respectively

Zen is a currency for the Star Trek Online item store, and 1000 zen is $10.00 u.s. dollars.

I have reported these people to Star Trek Onlines management through https://support.arcgames.com as is proper. Hoever, I am getting spammed almost 50 times a night by these fraudsters.

wtsitem.com does NOT have ANY affiliation with Star Trek Online, Cryptic Studios, Perfect World Entertainment, or ArcGames. Further, Star Trek Online and all legally affiliated persons and companies do not see ANY monies from wtsitem .com’s profits and scams.

It would be highly appreciative, and I know Star Trek Online would as well, if these people could be shut down, and their scam eliminated.

Thank you for your important time,

*** *** ***

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