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Victim Location 75962

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I paid a bill with Suddenlink.net, and a survey came up upon completion of the payment. It offered rewards if the survey was completed. The rewards were under the web site of www.2015rewardopportunity.com and one of the items was e-cig vape kit for $3.95. When I accepted it, it took me to this web site: <span title="http://www.ecigsbrand.com/ecpv01/?aff=cbpv&sub=63&sub1=f604208c-d662-41bb-952c-bf272559a5b5
http://www.ecigsbrand.com/ecpv01/?aff=cbpv&sub=63&sub1=f604208c-d662-41b… />
where the price was $9.95. I reluctantly entered my bank card information, and after declining additional "upgrades" to the offer, completed the transaction.

I just received an email from esigbrands.com saying that my card would be charged $99.95 in 15 days for a "trial for pro vapor", and then another $59.95 every 30 days for refills.

I attempted to reply to this email, but the reply was undeliverable. When going to www.2015rewardopportunity.com, it came up as a blank web page.

This is one of the most deceptively and apparently fraudently, actions I’ve ever seen.

I had my bank cancel my card, and intend to dispute the transaction once the bank has it. I will return any product delivered to me from these entities.

I called the ecigbrands company, and told them to cancel the transaction, and the csr said that she would do that and that I would get an email to that effect.

I find this way of doing business totally unacceptable.

Thank you for your time on this issue.

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