Arthur –

Victim Location 45248

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Someone contacted us regarding a motorcycle we are selling in Craigslist and asked us to get a vin report from bikesfax.com. We did it, but never received a real report on emails regarding the report. They said it takes 24 hours. Almost nothing takes 24 hours on the internet. I decided to look at our credit card transactions page and saw that the charge was actually billed To a software company in London and not a bikesfax site. We canceled our credit card and disputed the fraudulent charge of $19.99 and got a refund.

The guy on Craigslist never did contact us again to tell us we stood him up for our scheduled meeting or anything but hours later he emailed us the same initial email asking if our bike was for sale still. Total scammer. Yup we fell for it. He also wouldn’t text us or call us nd only wanted to communicate via email. He said he had a vocal chord paralysis and couldn’t call us. I had wondered if maybe it was a scam but wasn’t totally sure. Duh…

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