Janelle –

Victim Location 15213

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Be careful when you are selling your car on Craigslist. This scammer will pretend that he wants to buy your car and ask you to go to a specific website (https://www.carhistoryfax.com/) to purchase a car history report. The email will look like the following:

First email:

My husband asked for your email . What’s your email- address where he can reach you?

Second email:

I’d like to come look at it. Is there any bad things on it , like bad suspension, oil leaking etc?

I would like to arrange meeting in few days.

Hope everything will be great and we will make a deal

Third email:

Perfect. Before heading to you to inspect your vehicle and to make sure it’s exactly as you said I would like to take a look over a history report that can be found at https://www.carhistoryfax.com/ . Don’t get me wrong but I heard a few horror stories about vehicle sales and most important , my lender requires it otherwise I can’t get the loan for your vehicle and I don’t want to get it by myself because if it’s bad then I just wasted my money, but you can still use it however it turns out to be.. Please let me know when you have it. Thanks!

Don’t be fooled!

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