Emily –

Victim Location 40312

Type of a scam Employment

If you go to www.drpwrap.com and submit an application they promise to wrap your car in a dr. pepper advertisement and pay you for letting you advertise on your vehicle. The compensation is supposed to be $500 weekly for renting your car as advertising space. They send you a check for $1,850 and explain through email that you need to deposit the check into your banking account. This is suppose to include your first weeks pay of $500. Then with the rest you are suppose to have a decal specialist come to your home and wrap your vehicle. But the check is a fake check because once you try to deposit it into your bank account the bank informs you that it is a fraud check. Then the job recruiter for the wrap emails you to send them back their $1,850 through a Wal-Mart ATM to a bank in TX, USA. It’s all a complete scam! So beware!!!! The checks look very real and the people emailing you are very professional so it makes it hard to realize it’s a scam at first but it definitely is a scam!!!!

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