Theodore –

Victim Location 63775

Type of a scam Tech Support

Today I received a phone call from a man claiming to be from a company called “Fast Assist”. He informed me that my computer was in danger because the security settings on my computer were not correct. RED FLAGS flew in my mind. I asked him what computer since I work on a different computer every week or sometimes multiple computers each week. He said it was a Win 7 which I did just work on one this weekend and it’s still sitting in the floor of my bedroom so I asked him who it was registered to and he said my name which I know is not correct because it belongs to someone else. He was shocked that I was questioning his “offer of help”. He could not identify the computer in question and he could not tell me my ip address or other information specific to my computer. The website he said for the company was fastassist.co that’s not a typo it was not .com. When I did a search for the company I came up with one from the UK but he told me he was calling from Maryland, and the phone number was (443) 268-0349. They have a website and it looks great but I did not ask for their assistance. They even have a ScamPulse.com link on their site but it takes you right back to their homepage. I asked to speak to his supervisor and was put on hold for 11 min. I finally was so mad I just hung up.

I work on many many computers and rarely but sometimes I will have to call a help support line and speak with a technician but they will never contact you unless you have contacted them! Microsoft does not care if your security settings are not correct and they will not call you to access your computer.

They may be a legit company but unless I request ones help they should not be telling me to change settings on my computer that they have no idea about.

They never asked me for money but that is what it was coming down to.

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