Latasha –

Victim Location 48857

Total money lost $219

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product


This website is selling phones that are closely described to, but not named after name brand phones. They are clever that they can name them in such a way and fool you with pictures of the real phone with the brand name photoshopped out. But when you try to go through the steps to cancel or return an order they blatantly won’t respond or acknowledge that you are trying to cancel your order. It clearly states that you must contact them within 24 hours of your order by using the email provided or the contact box in the "contact us" section. When doing so you must use the order number. Ive done that multiple times trying different wording but they just won’t respond or cancel my order. now I’m stuck paying $219.00 for a fake phone that they wouldn’t cancel the order on or won’t answer my messages for a return. You can try looking up information and it sends you to a website builder and theres numbers to call but the numbers are just an automated menu and it leads to nowhere. Who ever is doing this is making a lot of money selling cheap phones that are made in Honk Kong. The business hours are in CST zone so Id assume the guy who made this website is just sitting in his house and never responding because he knows that theres nothing the customer can do once they give over the payment information.

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