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Alisha –

Victim Location 67206

Total money lost $730

Type of a scam Tech Support

This "company" sent a message on my computer saying that my computer was infected with viruses. The message was designed to look like an apple message to me. They then pretended that my computer was no longer supported by apple as I had had it too long. They transferred me to a "new" number that they claimed they were an official apple support company. They claimed they would make my IP address hacker proof. I paid by check. I called apple today. They say this is a complete scam. I called the company back to see if I could get a refund, they then said I was not their customer, they could not find my information, etc. These are the number currently associated with the website: 1 (800) 385-6297, 1(833) 814-9111, 1- 844-266-0603. These all were answered as of today 11/10/2018. The website they sent me to is: www.getgeeksource.online. This is a new website. There is no receiving bank information. The original fraud was done on March 6, 2018. Today they called back trying to get another $2000. Here is the message they left on my computer after "services" rendered on March 6: (The website listed there is no longer valid.)

Hi Tahirih,

I hope, you would happy to know that we have done working on your computer. I have installed securities on your computer and as well as on your network.

Thing are good to go now. I tried to call you but I am unable to reach you. It might possible that you are busy or outside from your home.

These are securities make your network safe and secure like money in Swiss bank. I have left the computer Help folder on your desktop. That contains all details. In future if you need any help, kindly call us on given number in Computer Help folder and we are just call away from you & love to help you.

We need a small favor from you. Once you back at home and read this message, please shut down your computer for 30 minutes and then use it. Please do call us in morning and let us know whether your computer is working fine and everything is good to go.


Team Geek Support


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