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Fernando –

Victim Location 58102

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Our male ST. Bernard passed away July 14th. So now I am researching kennels. In the area of the state, we live in. ND.

This site came up, it looked legitimate at first, but there’s no real address on the site, for contact, you have to submit your on info, name, cell# email address, then they contact you back. It was kinda late, that evening, and I’m not that computer literate, (lot’s of pecking and searching) and not clear minded for the grieving of our male Saint…This individual wouldn’t talk on phone, until late last night about midnight, could hardly speak english, so I speak spanish well, so I started in spanish. By then I was mad, cursed him out in spanish and english, earlier that day I’d stated in a text, I wanted kennel I’d, numbers, AKC. and ACA. verifications, blood lines, even demanded a picture of personal,ID and drivers LIC. And when I told him I was going to report him to BBB, and authorities, he said, "oh please don’t"..I told him in English and Spanish…!!! and cursed him out with everything I could.

The ST. Bernards run from $1000 and up, he was asking $500 and free air transport of the pet to you location…!!! Too good to be true, It’s a fraud…!!! The BBB told me "nothing they can really do".. On Google maps, the location, Pilot VA, is out in the "boondocks" way west of Richmond. And no direct address is given, That’s what the location of my smartphone said. Be aware of this site…Thanks

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