Felicia –

Victim Location 66773

Total money lost $157.60

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I used this site to build a "free resume". After I had created this resume (with all my personal information on it) they said I couldn’t have the file unless I paid a small fee. I believe it was 2.95. I never heard from them again, this was 4-5-18. I noticed yesterday that there has been a recurring charge to my bank account every month since then for 24.95. I called the 844-351-7485 which is the number on my bank statement. A man answered and I asked what this charge was and who he worked for. He said it was my subscription service at www.myperfectresume.com for them to send my resume out to perspective employers. I never once signed up for this, I wouldn’t as I live paycheck to paycheck and have a family to feed. I explained this to him and asked for a refund and he said they can’t refund more than 12.92. I asked for him to cancel my account and he talked circles around me and would never answer my questions or even respond sometimes. He said he was going to put me on hold and ask his boss what we could do. He came back about 5 minutes later and said he could "help me out" and make the membership fee 4.95 instead and try to issue two refunds of 12.92 to my account. I said, but I want to cancel this and I never signed up for it. He said I must be confused and the emails must be going into my Spam folder. He never cancelled. They charged me another 4.95 and I have no refunds. They then emailed me to confirm my new subscription and that email came directly to my inbox. I never received services from them and they’ve been stealing 24.95 from me for 6 months. I googled them and found that I’m not the only victim of this horrible place. I believe they also sold my information to third parties. You can only access their terms and conditions from a desktop website. The mobile links just take you back to the main page every time. I had to get a new card issued to stop the charges since they refuse to cancel and just charged me more money when I tried. I can’t remove my phone number from their site. It won’t delete and I had to make up an email address to remove my real one. They’ve literally been taking food out of my children’s mouthes and I didn’t even realize it.

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