Gabriel –

Victim Location 14305

Type of a scam Employment

I applied for jobs on craigslist and got a call from a scammer. they asked me to go to www.newcareer.org and fill it out. I said no because I did not want a bunch of colleges calling me, and the lady got mean. I started to think it may be an identity theft scam. It is definitely not a legitimate website. I did not go much further than this because I did not want to be added to any more lists from scammers calls and emails. It is already pretty bad from job searches which is why I know they call you about college a lot. The phone number this Middle Eastern lady used is not their number. I called it back right away to check and it was not a real number. I do not have a business name or location because she never mentioned a name. She just wanted me to go to newcareer.org and fill out my info so they can take my identity or spam my email and phone.

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