Stefanie –

Victim Location 63010

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw a post from one of my friends profile about this good deal. To be specific, post was made by the name Melissa Copeland. Photo attached. I should have known better but went on shopping and ordering sunglasses. Unfortunately, when I got to payment and entered my credite card info, it gave me error message saying that transaction is unauthorized. So, I re entered my card info thinking I might have out the wrong numbers. For the second time, transaction was unsuccessful. Frustrated of the errors, I tried contacting the customer service through their website also. Sent a message but no response. No where to find a good telephone number of their customer service. When I checked my order history there where multiple transactions already 3 failed payments and 1 pending. So I promptly called my bank to check any malicious charges. Sure, enough they said there werw 15 charges that they have blocked all coming from China. All random prices closed to the total amount I was initially buying. I just this word out so prevent further problems for others. Pls don’t fall for this ridiculous ads, thieves and SCAM!!!!!!!!

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