Victoria –

Victim Location 76018

Total money lost $40.94

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I ordered Nylon Tulle from this company. The company I normally use requires a minimum purchase and I ran across this company online and because the price was almost the same with no minimum I thought that I would give them a try. When I received the tulle I thought the texture did not look like nylon tulle and then looked at the labels on six rolls of two different colors and the labels all stated Polyester Tulle made in China. I immediately contacted the company requesting a return authorization and label because I had not received the product that I ordered. They then proceeded to tell me that the tulle spools where all mis-labeled. I responded that I had used tulle to make tutu dresses for the past 14 years and know the difference between polyester tulle which is a industrial tulle used wedding area and room decoration only because if you try to work with it, it will stretch out of shape and clump and mat up when cut. Nylon tulle which is a high quality tulle mostly made in the USA is the only tulle used for little girls and wedding type clothing because it retains its shape and does not mat or clump . I requested again for shipping label and instruction on returning the counter fit tulle but have not received a second response.

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