Brianna –

Victim Location 35603

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My elderly father received a card in the mail a few months ago from AT&T (seemingly) letting him know that because he had been such a good customer for many years that he would be the recipient of a free watch. He failed to read the fine print stating that if he did not want the watch, to return it within 14 days or his bank account would be charged $97.21. Also, he does not remember this part, but he was told when called last week after getting out of the hospital that this was a watch collection in which he would receive a total of three watches. However, he has since received FOUR watches over the past 3 months and his bank account has been charged $97.21 for each watch. The watches are all identical and are very cheaply made with plastic bands. We cannot find any information as to how to stop these watches from being mailed, nor how to stop the payments from being taken out of his account. We are also not sure how this scammer got his bank account information. We have not been able to find anything out online regarding this particular scam and would appreciate any information you can offer us.

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