Wyatt’s Towing

Ruben –

Victim Location 80231

Total money lost $680

Type of a scam Other

My legally registered vehicle has had its tags removed and immediately towed twice now by this company. Upon contacting the company and offering to provide proof that my registration was valid and tags possibly stolen I was advised that they did not care. And providing proof that their tow reason was not valid would not sway them to waive their fee. I truly believe that the individual patrolling the parking on behalf of wyatt’s towing on the night of October 18th 2018 has removed my tags twice now and immediately towed my vehicle forcing my to pay the impound fee enforced by the company. Again any attempts to provide proof to invalidate the tow reason on inform them that my tags are being removed are met with stonewalling. I’m being harrassed by this organization’s employee and no one will do anything about it .

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