Wyndham Timeshare

Frank –

Victim Location 35111

Total money lost $100,000

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

My Mom & Step-Dad went to Pigeon Forge in May to try and get out of the Timeshare they had purchased about 10 years ago. They are Senior’s and should have taken someone with them but didn’t. When my step-dad saw they weren’t going to be able to get out of it, the sales assoc told him he could get the maintenance fees they were paying of $575 per month reduced to $70. Sound too good to be true? After 5 hours of being moved from different offices and talking to different associates my parents thought it was best to take the reduction deal, but was unaware they were purchasing more timeshare. They already had 1 million points a year and don’t use them and instead of $575 maintenance a month they now have $292 on top of that for the new timeshare. This is how they take advantage of older people who didn’t understand and thought they were getting a reduced monthly cost. They had about 35 pages to initial and the guy was turning the pages so fast they couldn’t read what they were initialing and probably wouldn’t have understood what it said anyway. This company should not be able to operate and only rips people off of there hard earned money!

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