Xorian Infotech

Maria –

Victim Location 35120

Type of a scam Tech Support

** DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY, ALLOW THEM TO ACCESS YOUR COMPUTER, OR PAY THEM ANY MONEY ** This company hacks into your computer claiming to be with Microsoft and asking for large sums of money to "fix" your computer and load security software on it which they will then continue to monitor & upgrade depending on the length of the "contract" you purchase with them. Unfortunately I did this but was lucky enough to get my money back be filing a fraud claim with my bank. A few months after paying them, another company hacked into my computer claiming the same thing, that’s when I knew I had been scammed. After calling and threatening to sue me because I had breeched the contract and had the payment reversed, they continued to call indicating they had identified a new threat within my computer and needed to reaccess it to update the software and remove any viruses, etc. Sometimes you could tell they were calling from a car on a cell phone, and other times it is completely quiet like they are calling from home. Now a year later they are calling me offering a refund for their services since the software is not working on my computer. When I was asked if I was in front of my computer so that I could be sent a return authorization form I disconnected the call. Usually the calls from a PA phone number, but this guy messed up and called me once on a NY number. Both times, on both numbers it was the same guy. *** BEWARE ***

Frederick –

Victim Location 70122

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Tech Support

a message popped up on my computer which locked my computer asking me to immediately call a posted number for assistance, when I called, I was told my computer was being hacked and the only way to stop it was to pay a fee to have them clean my computer and they ask for you payment by check rather than a credit card. They take the money from your account and have your account information as well as putting spyware on your computer that will disrupt your accounts as well as collecting information from your computer.

Eduardo –

Victim Location 54944

Type of a scam Tech Support

Called to say my computer had viruses and possibly malware. I gave them remote access to my computer, and then it stopped working altogether. They wanted to charge me $249.99 for 1 yr. support + 2 yrs. protection. I don’t any credit cards so they instructed me to mail a check to the above address. Today a Fed Ex driver arrived at my door to take the check for delivery, but by then I realized this was a scam and refused to give it to the driver, telling her this is a scam tactic.

Deanna –

Victim Location 21113

Type of a scam Tech Support

A Microsoft pop up warned of a virus and spyware on my computer and provided a toll free number to call to resolve it. The number went to Xorian Infotech and I was told that if I closed the window my computer would be disabled. The company then remotely logged into my computer to resolve the issue and I was persuaded to purchase a 1 year contract for tech support for $249.99., which I was billed for, but have not paid. A money order was requested for the payment.

Armando –

Victim Location 12401

Type of a scam Tech Support

tried to open e-mail, and got a message stating they were from Microsoft and my computer was infected. there was a number to call upon calling this number they told me all of my devices had been infected and would have to be brought to 630 old country rd unit 1140, garden city ny 11530-3611 and it would cost $930. they said it was too late to just get a new computer the information was already taken. after calling Microsoft, they said it was a scam so I canceled the check and i’m reporting it to you.

Derek –

Victim Location 17319

Type of a scam Tech Support

Facebook ad locked computer with message of computer virus provided telephone number purporting to be microsoft technical source gained access to computer then forced service contract to remove virus for various amounts for one to multiple years. Was told not to use any computers or phones for hour while they cleaned viruses and they would call back in hour when completed. Tried to obtain payment via credit card or by having Fed Ex pick up check. Went thru process of electronic contract electronic signature and followup phone call requesting payment. I disconnected computer from wifi and rebooted. When further contacted advised them they were scam and would receive no payment. next day received email cancelling their so called electronic services and noting they were refunding the fee (which they never got)

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