Joshua –

Victim Location 23061

Total money lost $205

Type of a scam Tech Support

Phone call from Xpert24 and the foreign accented man said he was a technician for Windows. He said my computer had already been attacked and if I turned it off I would loose everything on it. Since I have had a hard drive to go bad before the warranty ran out, and a virus soon after that – all since the beginning of 2015, he scared me. I asked a number of questions to see if he was a scam, but worrying about loosing all my important information, I let him into my computer. I have checked out the name on the company and have run off nine pages of warnings from other people from just one location. This seems to be a scam from India and it goes by a number of names.

As for loosing money, I have called the credit card company and hope it can be stopped. Much worse is they have all the information from my computer. I am a senior citizen (upper 70’s), their target.

Alisha –

Victim Location 80260

Type of a scam Tech Support

The company is Xpert24 and they will tell you that they are from Microsoft Tech Support and that you have a virus on your computer that they need to fix. They will then try and get you to give them financial information and take your money for phony services. They are in no way affiliated with Microsoft, who has a wonderful tech support division.

Sabrina –

Victim Location 92624

Type of a scam Phishing

I just received a call on my cell phone, which I have registered to not receive any sales calls, where the individual said he is from a Technical Support Department and noticed my computer is generating lots of Windows error messages. My computer is at risk of going down in the next couple of days. During the internet searches and emails, my computer is generating many errors. This Technical Support Team is seeing them, and called to help. He offered to walk me through my computer so I could see them with my "naked eye". He had no specific information on these error messages, or anything else about my computer for that matter. Since I am at work, and do not have access to my computer at home, he said he would call me back. I said, I would call him back and asked for his name and number. When I asked what company he works for, he said Windows. I replied I don’t know a company named Windows, but Microsoft makes Windows. He said, yeah, the Technical Support Team who makes Windows. This sounded very fishy to me so I Googled the number he provided and decided to write this complaint.

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