Chad – May 16, 2020

UNFORTUNATELY I fell victim to this SCAM as well 🤦‍♀️. I ordered several types of cleaning and paper products about a month ago because people went APE $)-( ¡t and was buying EVERYTHING off the shelves and I live with someone with a comprised emmune system 😷and needed this . I was sent right to Pay Pal with no confirmation info. Waited a week or so and when nothing came I began to try and make contact with ABSOLUTELY NO LUCK! 😫 ! When I started to do more research this morning this site popped up. So I basically handed over to these @$$)-(●!€$ about $80 BUCKS! 🤬 BUYER BEWARE! FRAUD! SCAM! I hope this helps someone else from becoming a VICTIM!

Terry – May 07, 2020

I placed an order on 4/22/20 for Bounty Paper Towels. I used PayPal for my $38 charge. When I didn’t receive a confirmation, but saw that a payment was made through PayPal to a Chinese person I became suspicious and filed a claim with a PayPal. Beware, PayPal will not give you your money back which is very alarming as this clearly should fell under Buyer’s Protection.

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Nathan – May 04, 2020

I ordered Lysol wipes and supplies from Zeerabe.site for 23.00 . Its been over 10 days and I have not recieved order confirmation or shipment. I have sent 2 emails directly to the shop owner through website and PayPal and still have not had any replies. Also we have been calling their phones to inquire about our order and there is no answer. This site is a FRAUD. They take your money through PAYPAL and dont send product.
Do NOt BUy from this company!

Jacqueline – Apr 28, 2020

I ordered toilet paper from Zeerabe $28.98 on 4/27/2020. I didn’t receive a confirmation & they took the money through paypal right away. I got suspicious & checked for others complaints & brought me to this site. I got scammed. I tried to cancel the payment from my bank, to no avail.

Misty – Apr 22, 2020

Victim Location 08721

Total money lost $90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Fake online store that comes up with the bing search engine. Other fake online stores suspected to be by the same person/people are "justsleds", "sootgear store", "kidnice", "kidfour".

Jenna – Apr 21, 2020

Victim Location 19808

Total money lost $50.94

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This was on online company that popped up when I googled a search for disinfectant and cleaning items. The website indicated a US address, so assumed it was legitimate. When placing the order, my pay-pal account was used, however I received no confirmation email from the seller that the order was indeed received even though payment was made. A call was made to the number on their website, however the number was not valid with a response message that said the number could not be completed. Emails were also sent to the their supplied site email, however no response was received. This clearly appears to be a SCAM sales site. Please don’t let others be scammed. I learned my lesson!

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