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Derek –

Victim Location 22305

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I applied for a job on Indeed.com. At first, the post for this job was with "Dea Developement LLC". The post was removed after I made contact with the company’s HR but I have screen shots. The position seemed right at first but I didn’t quite feel comfortable with the process it took to start in the position. I found out that it was a fraud company after doing heavy research about Zelox Logistics, Chicago Warehousing and Logistic Services. I did use my Ebay account but I canceled all bids and ended the sale item. No money was lost or stolen. I caught the scam just time. I signed an Independent Contract Agreement that was not on a W-2 form. The HR person for this scam company is named Peter Hoch in the story similar below, his name is Peter Horst.

This story is very similar to mine. This is what I found upon my research of this company.


"I recently applied for a "Dispatcher" position on Indeed.com. This was for a position with a company named Geotonfase that said they were from Rapid City, SD. I received a reply email stating they were interested in hiring me. What I didn’t realize (due to applying for many jobs) is the reply email was from someone named "Peter Horst" at ARO Logistics in Naperville, IL.

Because I wasn’t aware of the change in company name, I accepted the job offer and was sent a 2 page contract which I signed (basically for confidentiality of customer information and business info).

The job was to sell items on eBay for ARO Logistics. It was agreed upon $20/hr for 4 hours a day and 5 days a week plus 10% commission on eBay sales. I was sent the first item and upon researching after posting the item, I realized it was a $15,000-$20,000 item.

By the time I realized something was suspicious, the eBay bidding was over $12,000. This money was supposed to go into my PayPal account and then be transferred to the company along with the invoice for shipment address.

I realized something was wrong when the company would not accept local pickup or inspection of the $15,000 item that people are promising their money on under any circumstances.

When I started to research the company and their address, I found the address on their website was actually for a Bus Charter called "First Student."

I searched the list of corporations in Illinois and returned ARO Logistics, Inc. as a registered corporation under the name Adam Olszewski from Norridge, IL nearly 45 minutes from Naperville. The original company name from the job listing "Geotonfase" from Rapid City, SD had no business filings on the state’s government website.

I realized the name of the contact, Peter Horst, who has been emailing me from ARO Logistics is also the name of the Chief Marketing Officer for the Hershey company. After Google searching, I was unable to find Peter Horst anywhere in Illinois or any association with the company ARO Logistics.

I have recently removed the eBay listing after making a copy of the description and pricing information they wanted me to use. I believe they are either trying to sell stolen items or they are trying to avoid taxes.

I was never sent a W-9 Form for taxes and until I had some proof that the company was real I would have never provided them with my social security number or personal information other than name, address and phone number.

I have not accepted any payments from eBay users or the company and do not intend to as I have cancelled the first item I listed. I am only writing to prevent any future scams this company may have and to hopefully have someone investigate into who these people really are and where these items come from.

After multiple attempts, I have never been able to reach the company at the phone number on their website, even during their business hours.

DO NOT ACCEPT A JOB FROM ARO LOGISTICS! If you post an item from them that sells and it is a high value item, you will be responsible for refunding the full amount of the item if they do not ship it to the customer or if it is stolen."

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