Walter –

Victim Location 78640

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a Circut Easy Press from this company. The order was placed on 5/12/18. I emailed to check the status of the order on 5/22/18 after not receiving the item yet. I received an auto generated email stating I would hear back in 24-48 hours. I emailed again on 5/26/18 after no other response from my first email. I received another auto generated email stating I would hear back in 24-48 hours. Still no response to date. I contacted my credit card company and have luckily been able recoup my money that was drafted. Be smart and stay far away from this company.

Mary –

Victim Location 77429

Total money lost $74.69

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw a good deal on a sewing machine I wanted using a google search. Under the shopping tab *** popped up with a deal. The website looked legitimate. No misspelled words, there were polices about returns and refunds, etc. I even googled the website to see if there were any negative reviews. I must have mistyped the website name because I read that it had been in business for 9 years and no negative reviews. I made the purchase and then decided to double check the website. It turned out the domain name had only been registered for 9 days and already people were reporting it was a fraudulent site. I immediately called my credit card company and cancelled my card. They said if I did not receive a product or refund they would dispute the charge. I received two emails from ***. The first on May 8 said my order was being processed. The second email on May 14th said they did not have the product in stock and that I would receive a full refund. I contacted the bank today on May 29 and there was not even an initiation of a refund so I filed a formal dispute of the charges and am reporting them.

Manuel –

Victim Location 94086

Total money lost $70

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a sewing machine from this website since it advertised on amazon page and had a good deal, but I never received my order. I contacted them and never get any respond. So I googled about the business and see there are a lot of people got scammed like me and never got their orders. The company’s address is a residential house and not a company. Other people only cancel their credit card but I think it’s better to report this because it’s a crime. Please shut down this website so other people don’t get scammed like me.

Lauren –

Victim Location 33031

Total money lost $63.13

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I did a search in goggle for a sewing machine singer model 4411, among the ads was what this company with a discount of almost 50% of the original price. Follow the link of the page I usually make purchases by another company more recognized so check your shipping policies, reimbursement etc. But do not verify your address and contact, that I think was mainly my mistake. This company offers to make an account only they ask for your name, last name and address with a password. The transaction can only be with credit card or debit card and is through a service called stripe. Once I made the purchase they sent me an email with the invoice that does not have any data of the company and when trying to access the account that I had created, my password was not valid so I asked them to change my password that I never received in addition to sending an email to the email I had. The day the money in your account became effective, I received another email saying that they did not have my product in stock and that they were going to return my money, without any way to contact them. My case is in claim in my bank.

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