Zillion Technologies Inc and Wizstreet Consulting

Albert – Jul 13, 2020

Victim Location 67030

Type of a scam Employment

I applied for a "Administrative Assistant" position posted on indeed. Shortly after I received an email from Alok Pandley at Wizstreet Consulting Private Limitied ([email protected]) "Dear Applicant, Thanks for showing interest in the position posted on Indeed. Our HR Dept. has reviewed your resume and you have been shortlisted. You are to immediately get in touch with Mr. Kion Cooper by sending him a copy of your resume and cell number directly to ([email protected]) for the next step and first task assignment.Regards, Alok Pandey".

I did as the email directed and emailed Kion Cooper at the provided address. "Kion, I am pleased to be able to speak to you regarding the Administrative Support Specialist position, Alok Pandey passed along your information. My cell phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX and I have attached my resume for your review. Please let me know what the next steps are. Thank you for your time and consideration."

Kion replied: "Hello XXXXXX, Thanks for showing interest in the position posted on Indeed but the only position available for now is Personal Assistant. I’m Kion Cooper, 58 years old and I work as a real estate and human capital investor and philanthropist maintaining established business relationships with diverse companies within and across the Globe.I’m establishing a new office location in your area which you will be a part of the team upon completion of the office.This position is part time for now and flexible and it can turn full time upon completion of my new office in the area. The scope of assistance will vary based on need, and is not limited to the following: · Receiving Phone Calls from my clients when I am busy. · Making Regular Drop offs at FedEx Stores for letters meant for my clients. · Basic Salary is $500 weekly. . Working 5 Hours Daily, and 3 Days weekly & Very Flexible. Presently am in Canada due to a business meeting and also have a Stapedectomy surgery scheduled in a few days due to my hearing impairment. I think you are the right person for this job after going through your resume. I do have a number of things you will help me with if you will be available for me later this week or next, this can act as a stable foundation to our working relationship, you will receive some funds in the form of a check which will include your first week pay for you to know this is a stable paying job and once you receive the check you will purchase kids gift items which will be listed at the nearest store around you and mail it to a particular orphanage home info that will be provided to you once you receive the funds, this will serve as a test task as my new assistant prior to other tasks. You will receive your normal pay of $500 for the starting week. I am hearing impaired so usually stay in touch through email and text messages and am happy you responded to the ad in such a timely manner and look forward to working with you and I promise to be a good boss. This is only an introductory email, as time goes on we will set up a formal interview as soon as i’m back to the States next two weeks to meet with you and sign all necessary docs. Fill The Below to Apply

Full Name:

Home Address & Apt # :

City :

State :

Zip Code :

Active Cell/Mobile (For SMS) :

Home Phone :

Present Job If Any :

Your Availability :

You Have a Bank (Yes/No), Specify Bank Name:

Note 1: Will Never Request For Your Info What is the name of the Bank which you currently operate with so as to see if it tallies financially with the official salary payment account. Note 2: Once your first task is assigned, it’s paramount that you check your email regularly for instructions and your cell phone for further instructions. Warm Regards, Kion Cooper.".

I have not replied to this email as of yet. I copied and pasted a section from the email into google and found a whole scope of people going months back, who received similar worded messages with promise of employment. In their testimonials they said upon providing the requested information the company would actually send them a check as promised. I am not sure if the checks were bad or not because most of the stories stopped with people who did not cash the check.

Thank you you taking a look into this.

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