ZNS Associates Ltd

Heidi – Jun 29, 2020

I also got mugged by these scammers. I was trying to open my gmail and a popup came up which said ” BSOD DISALLOW REGISTER SERVER ERROR DETECTED ” and a dialog box saying please contact the help desk on 18009842707 number. I called them and the agent said that those “Errors and Warnings” contained in there were linked to Windows Defender not being activated. He offered me a plan of $499 for fixing all these services. After I bought the plan they never attend my calls nor they provided their services. They operate with the company name of SNS Professionals or ZNS Associates. I feel terrible being a victim of such a scam.

I also googled their company address and found a house location. ( Here’s the location on map https://goo.gl/maps/iooND48VvEB94Bnv5 ). Surely it’s a scam.

Veronica – Jun 24, 2020

I have been scammed by ZNS Associates “lifetime computer support for $399.99”. At the bottom of my receipt it notes the names of Malwarbytes, Microsoft Computing Software, Windows Defender, Lifetime Support $399.99.

Please help me get these [censored] down.

I did some research on them and found their Webiste – https://zns.solutions/

Toll free number – 1 844 224 7399

They operate form Calgary, Canada!

Dana – Jun 25, 2020

Another website – https://www.znsassociates.com/

Timothy –

Victim Location 68154

Total money lost $799

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was referred to ZNS Associates Ltd by Brother Corporation after having printer issues. "John" was difficult to understand, and he used his accent to his advantage to coerce purchasing further, unnecessary services. I permitted his controlling my computer after paying for his 2 year service. As he did his work, he insisted I purchase a nonspecific Microsoft Office program for 10 computers for 10 years that I had no need for. Straining to understand his monologue and having extreme desire to comply to get my computer back in good working order, he quickly pushed me through paying an additional $500 through PayPal. PayPal has the advantage for this deceit because the paying is immediate and final. I was vulnerable to this deceit because of being naive, primarily concentrating on intense efforts to compensate my being half deaf by trusting and complying to "John", much to my demise.

Ann –

Victim Location 48038

Total money lost $399.99

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I am trying to find out if I have been scammed out of $399.99. The company name is "SNS Professionals or ZnS Associates". At the bottom of the receipt emailed to me is "Malwaribytes Corp, Microsoft Computer Software, Windows Defender, Lifetime Support $399.99". I feel I may be a victim of something I never thought I could be. I would appreciate if you would respond, Thank you in advance for your time.

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