Omar – Feb 21, 2020

Total money lost $28,035

Type of a scam Investment

This letter is an affidavit of the events leading to, during and afterwards; of the company known as Zurixx LLC, and their manipulative and scheming real estate seminar courses that lead to significant financial and emotional hardship for my mom and myself. Sometime at the end of April 2015, I came across an advertisement on Facebook offering a “free” evening seminar at Kamloops Hotel 540. The article expressed it would provide useful and informative information on real estate flipping, remodelling, financing etc. Hoping for a positive experience, I then signed myself and my mom up for this seminar; sadly, not knowing what stress and financial depletion lay ahead of us. During the seminar the speaker talked about a real estate program called “Success Path” and how this “education center was the platform that delivered training (videos, blogs, articles, etc.) from Tarek and Christina and their real estate coaches”. The gentleman went on to talk about and promote how we wouldn’t have to use any of our own money or credit to become successful. We were given a basic outline/demonstration of how a 2-3% of $200,00.00 house when flipped and sold would equal $X amount of profit, which you would then reinvest in again and repeat the process.

The example that was given:

a) Amount of Money $ VS Time and Energy Invested

Assignment type property = Less time invested

$5-$10K potential Approx. 6-8 hours per week

b) Wholesale type property = Average time invested

$10-$20K potential Approx. 8-15 hours per week

c) Fix & Flip type property = More time invested

$20-$80K potential Approx. 35-42 hours per week

All of the information was laid out clear and concise and the idea of being able to have financial “freedom” to better ourselves and our family was highly appealing. Furthermore, they offered a 2 for 1 deal if we were to go ahead and sign up for the Success Path course that evening. Without hesitation we both signed up for the next seminar which would be held down in Vancouver at the beginning of May. There was a fee of $1,737.39 that we paid for this 3-day fast track seminar package to the Blackstone Funding Group.

Within a week from May 7-8th, 2015 we were down in our 3-day fast track workshop from 9-4pm learning all the ins and outs of this new world we were so excited to join. The main speaker at this event was Mark Harisko and he went on to talk about how he started out, what he does now, how much he makes etc. He was very adamit in the “Success Path” program and how it can change and enhance anyone’s life just by following the “system”. Within our course booklet, Mark went on to explain how there were three types of income (earned, passive, and portfolio) and how each one broke down into sub-categories. We learned about wholesaling, creating multiple sources of cash, appreciation, different tax advantages, cash flow, equity, business plans, building a wealth team, seed capital, liens, leasing, using other people’s money, contract negotiations, rehab/remodeling, foreclosures, asset protection etc. It was an intense and very much information overload for anyone to take in, but we kept taking notes, listening to questions and answers. Everything seemed truly conceivable and applicable and we were positive that this could really work for us and help us achieve our financial freedom we were both looking for. Mark’s main selling quote was “a guaranteed 1st deal in 90 days” if we believed and followed through with all that he said and what he was teaching. In addition to this, Success Path would also pay us for our testimony and completely refund us the cost of the entire course. Thus, after much deliberation mom and I decided once again to invest in our future and pay for the next level of education. This next “platinum” package would cost each of us $26,297.00 and would include the following:

1. A 3-day onsite fast start boot camp in Vancouver

2. A 3-day investor summit in Las Vegas (which would give us the opportunity to buy discounted turnkey properties and training from top

real estate experts)

3. Marketing mastery

4. Finding money

5. Wealth strategies

6. Online resources with 2 on-demand trainings

7. Real estate evaluation software with 6 months of free access

8. Asset protection with 1LLC + consultation

The next course seminar we attended was at the end of May 28-30th, 2015 down in Vancouver from 9-4:30pm each day. This 3-day onsite fast start boot camp was taught by Lance King of King Financial Network, who was from Montana. His lectures included topics on cash flow techniques, having and choosing your power team, finding realtors in your area, getting listings, building a buyers list, wholesalers, retail, how to search for buyers, placing adds online, reviewing listings, market analysis resources, property inspection, trans actual funding, proof of funds letter, rehab, running the numbers, contracts, contingencies etc. We were given numerous templates and sample type documents outlining how to go about business deals. During this seminar, we additionally went around to some properties down in the surrounding Vancouver area. The biggest letdown to this was the fact these properties were one: very highly priced, two: they were nothing like the houses on the market in our neighbourhood back home, and third: they would be extremely hard to fix and flip. We additionally had the sense that Lance really wasn’t prepared for what he was trying to convince us of; but that’s why he had numerous real estate documents to fall back on. Once again, everything seemed legit and made sense with how it was being explained and everyone’s questions and answers were justified and appeared to have validity.

On August 6-8th, 2015 mom and I went to Las Vegas for the Success Path summit seminar. There we had various speakers from business investors, realtors, hard money lenders etc. all expressing their success and their journey to financial freedom. We were given more resources to use at our disposal, numbers of contacts and organizations to aid us in our path to achievement and a flash drive that covered the whole recording of the summit seminar; just in case we required a refresher of all that we were learning. They further stated that private money lenders would back us in all our endeavors, which turned out to be a complete lie. All of the seminars which we attended presented continuous success stories that yielded great financial results and we were frequently made to feel guilty if we didn’t continue to the next level. Over and over again they ingrained how positive optimistic people would be the successful ones in this business and how the ones who had any doubts, the pessimists, weren’t the “right” kind of people to be successful. “Who do you want to be like they would tell us? This further instilled the notion that we had to follow their program and what they were teaching in order to have financial freedom. Little did mom and I know what would come in the following months as we tried to make our own small real estate investment work.

In the months to come mom and I would set up NAK Property Investments through Paracorp Nationwide Registry Agent Services in Sacramento CA. Our initial plan was to start building our business in Arizona, and once that was successful, we would then attempt to make it work here in Canada. All of these resources given were USA tailored, therefore, we would have to double check and do the research ourselves, to see how to apply to the Canadian real estate in the future. Consequently, we were never informed in any manor that we’d only be able to get and make money out of this “Success Path Program” in the USA, not in Canada. We had a mentor coach, Randy Cochrane, various contacts at our disposal, our seminar booklets and notes etc. Mr. Cochrane, would ingrain regularly to us, “just go out, buy something and flip it”; but what soon followed became the harsh reality that we had been taken advantage of.

Anytime we emailed or talked to one of these individuals (coaches/mentors), who were supposed to be on our side and guiding us though the whole process, we were met with unclear advise, short answers of “well you will have to figure some of this out yourselves”, to well things are done differently in the USA than in Canada. Every time we though we made a step forward it felt like two steps back and things certainly were taking longer than the “90 days” which was the “Success Path” guideline laid out to us. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months and all of our hard work and money that we had invested into this “Success Path” was becoming an emotional and financial drain. We had both increased our line of credits with master cards and visas as well as taking out a line of credit; all with the promise that all of what we were told and taught would come to fruition if we kept working hard at it.

Consequently, the amount of debt that had been build up, along with continuous lack of support from our “so called mentors, coaches etc.” lead to mom and I accepting defeat. Feeling like the wool had been pulled over our eyes, and that we were utterly alone in this failing I decided to reach out to other people who had signed up as we had to see if they were anymore successful than we were. Surprisingly, everyone that we talked to had a similar story to us about how they followed seminar A and went on to B and then C only to have it all backfire and be left with barely a leg to stand on. Some individuals had to refinance their homes or take out further loans just to recover some of the financial debt that incurred to them.

Our goal in writing this affidavit is to see that this company; their false advertisements and pyramid courses, are permanently shut down and those parties whom were taken advantage of, compensated for all their losses incurred over it. Company’s like Zurixx LLC must be held accountable and stopped from continuing to pursue this course of “education”; which we feel are set up for the majority of people to fail.

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