Appliance Servicers Union a.k.a. Smith Brothers Appliance Repair

Drew – Nov 07, 2020

I called to have a DACOR oven and WOLF range evaluated for repair. The guy who showed stood near the appliances and informed me that there was a $50 travel fee for him to come to the house and a $375 fee to actually look at the equipment to evaluate what needewd to be fixed.

He evidently watched too much Johnny Carson who who could close his eyes and make a prediction.

Like a dummy, I Wrote a $50 check out and told him to go. I also awarded myself a DSA (dumb [censored] award) for even giving a cent for the incompetence.

Stay away from these people, they are bad news.

Jim Knocke

Brad – Sep 23, 2020

They over charge for services. Discovered charges for parts were doubled. I believed they were certified by the appliance company. I doubt it now.

Marco – Sep 23, 2020

Had my refrigerator repaired by Appliance Servicers Union. Be aware of their charges. Later I discovered they charged double for all replacement parts plus shipping charges.
For example for a 189.00 part they charged 465.00 plus 20.00 for shipping.

Bryce – Sep 15, 2020

Atlanta, Georgia.
Faulty ice maker on a Samsung refrigerator.

This company will lie to you to keep your service call fee.

I was connected to Appliance Servicers Union, License # A45577, through the website, Independent Samsung Care ( The first attempt to fix my Samsung refrigerator was on March, 5 2020. The technician’s name was Jacob. I informed the technician that my online research suggested that the freezer door would need to be replaced. He determined that, instead, there was a problem with the control panel. He ordered a new one and returned – eventually – to install it. It did not fix the problem, and Jacob determined that we would indeed need a new door. He ordered a new one and we waited for it to arrive. And waited. And waited. And waited.

Finally, after several pestering phone calls to Appliance Servicers Union (877 755-5237) and Jacob (who stopped answering), we were informed that, since the part was on backorder for so long, Samsung must no longer manufactures the door that we required, and we were out of luck. This seemed pretty far-fetched to us, so we contacted Samsung ourselves. We had no problem ordering the part (it arrived in about a week). I then installed it myself on September 3, and it has worked fine, since.

We were able to get away having only spent the service call fee, but **BEWARE** this company has no problem lying to you, wasting your time, and keeping your money.

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Alejandro – May 20, 2020

This is involving not only Smith Brothers, but Appliance Servicers Union, and Independent Whirlpool Appliance Care (all apparently one and the same). I called on a Sunday due to a leaking refrigerator, and even though listed as 24/7, they do not have technicians working on Sundays. An appointment was set up for 11-3 on Monday. I received a text at 6:30am on Monday that the technician is busy and the appointment needs to be moved to 2-6 or rescheduled for another day. I respond that 2-6 is fine. I receive a call from the technician at approximately 4:45 letting me know that he will be there around 5:30. He notes that it is regarding a leaking refrigerator, but doesn’t mention anything about turning water on or anything. So of course, he gets there and the fridge is not leaking. I turn the water back on and since it does not immediately start leaking, he says that I can call the company if it starts to leak again and since he’ll be in the area tomorrow, he can come back by – and charges me $120 for nothing but looking under the fridge.

Of course, it starts to leak shortly after he leaves. I call the company and they schedule him for Tuesday 11-3. By 2:15, I have not heard from him, so I text the company and they respond that they have left him a message and requested that he contact me. Thirty minutes later, and I still have not heard from him. I text the company again, and they said they have done all they can. I text the number that the tech had called from the day before, and finally hear from him at 2:55 that there are a few customers in front of me and that it will be later. I ask if it will be before or after a certain time (in the hopes I could run a quick errand) and the response I get is ‘after’. No apology, no explanation, nothing. I text the company noting that due to all this hassle, it would be nice if something could be done. They tell me to talk to the technician since they have the authority to do discounts.

I text the technician at that point and simply say that once we figure out what is wrong and start talking costs, to please let me know how I can be compensated for the hassles. The text I receive back says ‘I can’t do that.’ I respond that per the company, he has the authority to do so, and note the issues I have had between scheduling, lack of communication, and no instruction. He calls at that point and starts giving every excuse possible and how these issues were my fault. I counter every excuse, and he starts to interrupt me, raising his voice, so I interrupt right back to make my point. I finally say that this is the [censored] customer service I have ever had to deal with and he says ‘you’re just a [censored] customer.’ I hung up.

I call the company to explain what just happened and am told that they will get a manager to call me. About 30 minutes later, the manager finally does and when I told her what he called me, she says ‘well, we know him, and he wouldn’t do that, he must have been provoked.’ I canceled that appointment (as they had no other techs in my area) and got my money back. DO NOT BOTHER. Oh, and tech is Jacob, license #A45577.

Brianna –

Victim Location 60613

Total money lost $572

Type of a scam Home Improvement

I contacted what appeared to be a company called "*** ***" to fix a broken ice maker on my Viking refrigerator. The technician came out, diagnosed the problem, said he needed to order parts, and left the details on a slip that had their information. It was fishy from there, as the name on the slip listed ‘*** *** ***’, which was a company name I was unfamiliar with. After two months of waiting for the parts to arrive, the technician finally comes back to install them. After installation, he presents the bill and it is outrageous. Assuming the servicing company is legitimate, I paid the bill, as I had just witnessed the technician remove the defective part and install the new part, but still with hesitation. I also had another red flag raised when paying the bill via credit card, the name of the company who ultimately was listed on the credit card transaction was "Smith Brothers Appliance Repair". I had no idea who this company was. After the technician left, I contacted Viking to obtain pricing for each of the parts. This is when I found out that this was a total scam. The water valve that they replaced costs $83.28 directly from Viking, yet they charged me $383.99. The ice maker they replaced costs $78.00 directly from Viking, yet they charged me $182.80. The ice maker harness they replaced costs $35.73 directly from Viking, yet they charged me $52.58. All together, they overcharged me $422.36 over manufacturer direct price based on their fraudulent markups. They also charged me an arbitrary $300 labor fee, which seemed exorbitant for the limited time spent by the technician. Overall, this entire deal cost me about $1,000, when in reality, it should have costed about $200 + reasonable labor charge, so call it $300-$350. This company is a complete scam, and I found other reports online on Yelp, Better Business Bureau and State of California Department of Consumer Affairs with complaints of the same fraudulent issues.

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