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Tommy – Victim Location 90012 Total money lost $125 Type of a scam Online Purchase I wanted to order an application and i gave throught chat 125$ on Wtfskins codes.

James P. Nicol Esq. Lawyer

Wendy – Victim Location 99508 Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency James P. Nicol Esq. claimed a relative of mine passed away and left an inheritance to me, $11.8 million, in a securities vault in France; Beauchamp Securities. I wrote the securities vault and they responded with paying certain fees for having held the "package" for so long and for release paperwork, 5,920 pounds. I told the "lawyer," James, that I wasn’t going to pay that to them. He said to pay $1000 and he’d make up the rest. I told him I didn’t have the $1000 and that he’d…

Dominion Devon Rex Kittens

Carolyn – Oct 29, 2020 Scammer’s phone 425 549 4106 Scammer’s website dominioncatteryusa.com Scammer’s address Not known on there website Scammer’s email [email protected] Country United States Type of a scam Other Initial means of contact Not applicable It appears this user “Charles” says that these 2 alerts on this site are not true, however i had to send 3 emails before getting a number to call. There site does not disclose there number/location which should be a red flag. There IP address seems to originate form Atlanta, “Charles” says he’s been in business for 15 years via an email. Anyone…

United Processing Server

Carly – Victim Location 23120 Type of a scam Debt Collections Received a call from Natalie saying she needed to talk with someone( she did not say who she was looking for) because whoever is going to be served with legal documents at home or work. The caller I D number was 720-505-8180

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Chad – May 16, 2020 UNFORTUNATELY I fell victim to this SCAM as well 🤦‍♀️. I ordered several types of cleaning and paper products about a month ago because people went APE $)-( ¡t and was buying EVERYTHING off the shelves and I live with someone with a comprised emmune system 😷and needed this . I was sent right to Pay Pal with no confirmation info. Waited a week or so and when nothing came I began to try and make contact with ABSOLUTELY NO LUCK! 😫 ! When I started to do more research this morning this site popped…

Hot Sauce Adventure Club

Virginia – Victim Location 40165 Total money lost $36 Type of a scam Online Purchase They sell subscription boxes. I ordered the first box in November for a Christmas gift to come every month. They charged my account and website says could take up to 4 weeks. When the 4 weeks was up and still no package I wrote an email. No response. I wait another week and my account was charged again. Due to being Xmas time I decided to wait another week or so thinking the holidays made it delay. When Dec ended I still haven’t received Nov…

North N Loan

Daisy – Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan I applied online to get a short term loan and this number contacted me 226-270-0682 stating that they are from North N Loan. They told me I was approved, but had to send them $500.00 through money order at my local *** grocery store. They have all my information and I am freaking out! Beware of these guys. He stated his name was "John Baker" but sounded like he was from India.

Intuitions with Claire/Charlotte Evans and Claire Whittman

Jennifer – Victim Location 22046 Total money lost $75,000 Type of a scam Romance This alleged psychic lied to me and took a lot of money from me with failed promises and guarantees. I don’t want to post this, but Claire Whittman and her sister Charlotte Evans took advantage of me.

Milhill German shepherd

Ana – Victim Location 76548 Total money lost $300 Type of a scam Online Purchase Received an Email (attached) selling German Shepherd puppy’s for $300. After investigation I picked 1 (Breeze) signed the contract/agreement & application and sent payment by Western Union. The received a text from shipper (JetPets) indicating the crate was rejected and I needed to pay $780 for crate of which $750 would be refunded to me upon arrival. I refused and asked for my money back. To date I have received no money or puppy. Although Milhill German Shepherd seems legit their actions prove they are…

Will Becker

Alejandro – Victim Location 80903 Total money lost $300 Type of a scam Home Improvement Will Becker came to my home to offer to cut down a tree for me for $600. Said I had to pay half now half upon completion. I was going to pay with a check but he said I would have to pay tax so I paid in cash. He was on foot. Said his crew and truck was up the street. I never saw it. I waited and the truck and crew never showed up. This was 3 weeks ago. Still no call and…


Tracy – Victim Location 29414 Total money lost $40 Type of a scam Online Purchase there are two websites I believe owned by the same people selling fake Nike wear. I placed an order in December and received the wrong item. The business will not refund saying the item I ordered is out of stock and that I need to just except the item that was shipped. It was the wrong item shipped! I have searched for a company phone number and cannot locate. These items are not official Nike items as claimed on the website.

Wonderland Corgi Puppies

Chase – Victim Location 43002 Type of a scam Online Purchase I was interested in purchasing corgi puppies online when I came across this website that was selling serveral corgi puppies for a cheap price. When I emailed the seller, he told me that all corgi puppies were available. He/she did not give me his/her name or any information. They immediately requested my full name, address, phone. And told me to go to my nearest Western Union and deposit cash to the cashier and send a picture of the receipt via email. I immediately realized that this person was a…