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United Health Benefits

Suzanne – Victim Location 78115 Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare I tried to sign up for health care, and a company called me, I signed up for what I thought was health insurance and what they told me was health insurance but was just a discount card.

Josh from “The Customer Service Department”

Jack – Victim Location 33145 Type of a scam Phishing I received a call that was pre-recorded. When I answered and said "hello?" the recording said, "hi, this is Josh from the customer device department…can you hear me okay?" I hung up without replying, because there have been news reports about scammers trying to get you to say "yes" on a recorded call.

National Security Solutions

Oscar – Victim Location 95821 Total money lost $300 Type of a scam Tech Support Scam began with a pop up on the computer stating a critical error with a Microsoft program had occurred, do not shut down computer or try any other methods to fix as it will cause the computer to crash so immediately call for a Microsoft tech to help fix, very knowledgeable friendly person Kevin Hale, don’t know if that’s a real name, went about getting control of the computer and told me my my internet protection program was inadequate and he gave options of taking…

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Frederick – Sep 09, 2020 The same experience as the other complainants. We were duped. I want my money back or the bed. They have had my money since March 2020. Do not order from these unscrupulous people. Lana English Heather – May 19, 2020 I ordered a dog bed – they never sent a confirmation email. After my 4th email, I got one response saying they had resent it. They even confirmed email. I never got it. I have tried over a dozen times to contact them on email/social media & comments on their pages. NO RESPONSE. Feel completely…

James P. Berlusconi

Mindy – Total money lost $3,000 Type of a scam Romance I was approached by scammer on POF. He asked me to email him because he is hardly on the site. He introduced himself as a small business owner, widowed with a 15 year old daughter. Sent me at least 10 picture of himself and his daughter over time. He told me he got a huge contract renovating an oil rig. He was going to meet me but called and said the Board wants him onsite asap, so he was flying out. Once he got there he chatted with me…

Ameila Quilt.

Nicolas – Victim Location 46538 Type of a scam Counterfeit Product I saw the add on facebook I then researched the website and it looked legit. I then placed my order and got a confirmation email. It was set up thru paypal. I kept getting update emails about my order and loyal customer emails with new style quilts on it. I wanted to see the quality of what I was ordering before placing another order. I got an email that my quilt was ready and that DHL would be picking it up. When DHL picked it up I was supposed…

Instant Transport INC

Derek – Victim Location 60046 Type of a scam Employment They send an offer of employment. Mine was through a recruiter. The job is a reshipper, but they called it a logistics coordinator in the email. On the website they call it transportation assistant. They send you this. Our web-site is: www. instanttrans.com We provide a new service for our abroad customers. They can buy any goods in any US online store using US prepaid credit card and our employees address as shipping address. Let’s picture the situation when person, for example in Poland, wants to purchase anything from US…


Alisha – Oct 02, 2020 I bought a jersey off of here and it confirmed my confirmation of payment and delivery date. But its now been 3 months and still nothing has come in the mail. I thought it was having issues because of coronavirus but again I have yet to get receive my jersey and its been 2 months. I would like my money back but cant ever seem to find anyone to help. Whatever you do don’t buy from here. Krista – Apr 13, 2020 Update: the product finally arrived from China (which is what I was trying…

Industrial Bank of Korea.Cambodia

Linda – Victim Location 99503 Type of a scam Investment Attn Vicente Luis Maria Nasta & Verón This is to bring to your notice that your partner is subjected to sanctions by the United Nations and European Union and are not able to transfer fund from Syria. If you can not handle it,It will be imperative to cancel then transaction than to risk the fund. Sincerely Yours. Chan Nary. Industrial Bank of Korea.Cambodia email [email protected] Phone +855967205423


Russell – Victim Location 74066 Total money lost $5.63 Type of a scam Online Purchase Purchased a watch over 30 days ago for $5.63 never received it. Charlotte – Victim Location 01702 Total money lost $5.63 Type of a scam Online Purchase I purchased a smart watch from them never received the product. There is no phone number to get in touch with customer service. I have sent many emails with no reply back from customer service.


Garrett – Victim Location 82601 Total money lost $49.99 Type of a scam Online Purchase Kept saying they were sending item… tracking numbers were all fake.. 4 times now.

Underwater Addicts

Matthew – Victim Location 27106 Total money lost $60 Type of a scam Online Purchase I placed two orders with this seller and upon receiving no shipping information after several weeks, I contacted the business to get more information. The support staff provided tracking numbers out of China, one of which showed had already been delivered to an address in a completely different state than the one in which I live. I’ve tried over a dozen times to contact the business about resolving this, but their customer support email address (the only means of reaching them) usually bounces back with…