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Market Force Informaction

Timothy – Victim Location 41240 Type of a scam Employment I received a check in the amount of $1,976.00 to be used as a customer service evaluator. I needed to deposit it into my bank and keep $300.00 and spend the rest at Wal-Mart within 24 hours of receiving the letter.

hotel specialist

Kate – Victim Location 27104 Type of a scam Phishing The caller called and when I said yeah they hung up.

Neighborhood landscape

Craig – Victim Location 48309 Total money lost $800 Type of a scam Home Improvement Called neighborhood landscape to have some mulch and trees planted . A guy named Chris came to give an estimate said he needed a deposit of half to come do work . They never showed up, won’t answer my calls texts or emails . I went to address provided on business card was not their business they just rented a mail box

Icloud Technologies

Erin – Victim Location 01701 Total money lost $65 Type of a scam Tech Support Icloud tech has an ad about fixing unblock cellphone for a charge of $35.00 dollar. So I contacted the business by text (470-329-1326). He agreed could unblock my cell but only after he confirmed that the $35.00 dollars were deposit into his acount. He used for that matter somthing call: cashapp for the online ttansfer. I did made the deposit. He sent me a message that said he will do the job. Couple hours after he sent me a message that said that i could…

Venom Energy Drink

Ricardo – Aug 05, 2020 Victim Location 36265 Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order I received a text asking if I’d be interested in making$500 weekly by having a decal placed on my car for advertising purposes. In that text there was a link sending me to a page on weebly.com so that I could fill out some general information. The next day I received a text from a different number than the first stating that I had been approved for the job. Of course I get my hopes up a bit. Who wouldn’t right now with the way…

Digicare Solutions

Tanya – Dec 05, 2020 Do not use this service. Above all, do not let them access jour computer. If you get a message your computer is infected and to call the number, don’t do it! Just shut down your computer. They can’t do anything to it unless you let them in. If you do they will have access to everything on your it. Your social security number, bank account, birthday and all you private matter. They are all foreigners possibly from the Philippines with a Agoura Hills, California phone number. They only got me for $500.00 dollars. Other people…

Urbanise LTD.

Natasha – Victim Location 44127 Type of a scam Employment I received an E mail offering a customer service position. Work at home. I do have my resume on Indeed and Monster. Stated my resume has been reviewed. They have me scheduled for an online interview. They wanted to know the name of my bank. Further documents would be filled out in person when they deliver my computer. Deliver a computer and set up internet access in home. I would also fill out tax forms. Offices in Africa, New Zealand, Australia. I did not give out any personal information.

Value Discount

Johnathan – Victim Location 85201 Type of a scam Other I received a post card in the mail saying i won $100 from Walmart , Target. It had a dead line of Dec. 17 2016. I called the number & spoke to a man that sounded like he was from India not that that’s a bad thing but he wanted me to pay $4.95 activation fee but only from a credit card. He said i couldn’t mail him a money order. When i asked for the address he would only give me a P.O. box , no physical address. i…


Regina – Victim Location 26003 Total money lost $17.99 Type of a scam Online Purchase did not receive the product I ordered, and they will not return any emails. Ordered an iphone popsocket. pittsburgh penguins popsocket Regular price$17.99 https://www.owhattowear.com/products/pittsburgh-penguins-popsocket


Carl – Victim Location 32765 Type of a scam Online Purchase They’ve stolen my credit card number and charged me twice. Was lucky that my bank called me first.

Web PC Experts

Sheena – Victim Location 63775 Type of a scam Online Purchase My mom was on her computer one evening and her screen popped up "call this number your computer needs attention". She turned off her computer and turned it back on again and still had the same message. So she called the number and was scammed. She had no idea what she was doing (she is 82 years old) and they talked her into letting them access her computer. They were on the phone with her for 3 hours. They told her it would cost $299 to fix her problem.…

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Keri – May 18, 2020 Victim Location 91768 Total money lost $39.95 Type of a scam COVID-19 Ordered face masks on line. Gave my credit card for payment. 6 weeks later, no masks. They indicated the masks were en-route. 4weeks ago. This company is a scam! Samuel – May 02, 2020 We got scammed for US$680.00. They should string these turkeys up if they catch them. Medical-secure.com has either been shut down, or forcibly closed. They are now marketing as medical-protector.com Be careful and everyone, if you get any clues to identify them, then post them here. One of us…