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Noah’s Ark Moving

Dustin – Victim Location 85202 Total money lost $53.46 Type of a scam Moving We were moving from a one bedroom apartment to another one bedroom that was less than six miles down the road. This U-Haul location was in the middle of the two apartments. I saw some bad reviews, but I convinced myself that the convenience of its location made it worth it. We made two trips between the apartments (6×4= 24, and this is rounded up from 5.8) plus the small amount of mileage to and from the U-Haul (6 miles if I am being generous, it…

UW Company

Cristina – Victim Location 80634 Type of a scam Employment I had submitted an application through USA Jobs and got offer for Logistics QA Manager. The manager is in charge of the daily tasks on his\her own; this may include Quality Control, Warehouse/Manufacturing, Shipping and Receiving and Driving. The main goal of this position is to support the organization in obtaining its goals and objectives by operating in a quick and effective manner that leads to higher profits. UW Company is one of the biggest online firms on the market. We have more than 2,000 employees in more than 25…

US. Treasury

Kara – Victim Location 32003 Total money lost $1,370 Type of a scam Government Grant Received a phone call from the US Treasury that I was chosen for a grant because I pay my taxes on time. Then they asked me to purchase itunes card for $230 and $680. I had to then give them the numbers on the itunes cards over the phone. After I gave him the numbers off the itunes cards. He told me I need to get another card for $460.

jessica anthony

Louis – Victim Location 37923 Total money lost $1,500 Type of a scam Online Purchase The scammer was on letgo we try to purchase a car and she told us to do the transaction.


Gloria – Victim Location 41653 Total money lost $19.95 Type of a scam Counterfeit Product THEY OFFER SEVERAL DIFFERENT ITEMS….THEY SAY THEY ARE DIFFERENT SIZES, BUT THE ITEMS ARE ONLY ONE SIZE…..

Easy funding source

Grace – Sep 02, 2020 Victim Location 95076 Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan Your company has been pre-qualifed for $250K. No collateral required. Funds in 2 weeks. Visit www.easyfundingsource.info for FREE info. reply STOP to end

vip member store

Randi – Victim Location 60714 Total money lost $29.95 Type of a scam Online Purchase There was a sale that said you get 2 glasses for $*** instead of $**. Once the glasses were purchased they at first charged my credit card the full $**, but then refunded so they only took $***. I waited for two months and contacted them about the items still not coming in. They said that they don’t reship and they’ll give a full refund. Waited a month, still no refund. Contacted them again, they said they’ll resend the refund request to the billing department.…


Crystal – Feb 10, 2020 Victim Location 74426 Total money lost $1,200 Type of a scam Online Purchase I’ve never recieved product have no emails from them . Dont know how they got my debit card # tried to contact with # only # I can get by google.Only get a recording to leave message left countless messages no response

ZF Technology group Co. L

Dale – Victim Location 96701 Total money lost $321.25 Type of a scam Tech Support A loud blaring alert locked my computer as i tried to access my email. The screen said to call a number (which i did not retain) to get unlocked. I called and a voice (with an East Indian accent) said this was Microsoft & that my security was not strong enough. I provided my charge card # to purchase added security. Three aps were loaded on my computer and it was unlocked. I felt very uneasy about this transaction, so i took my computer to…

Matthew Frenchies

Robin – Victim Location 27805 Total money lost $785 Type of a scam Online Purchase I sent 685.00 to someone in El Paso, Tx for a puppy they ensured me was coming with a tracking number on a website. They called to say I owned an additional 1250$ to fly the pet out. I told them I told them I was not sending anymore money. The puppy never came. And I am still waiting on a refund of my money.

Read & Know Five Letter Words That End In Ioe

This page offers information on Five Letter Words That End In Ioe. This is a new word hint for the Wordle game. Are you seeking for a solution to today’s Wordle puzzle? You might be guessing different words with “iou” in them, but if you can’t figure it out, don’t worry; we’re here to help. Wordle is a well-known game in which you must guess the correct word from a provided suggestion. You must guess the words that contain the alphabet IOE based on today’s hint. So we’ll assist you in determining Five Letter Words That End In Ioe. IOE…

GMAX Logistics Delivery Company

Rebekah – Jul 30, 2020 Victim Location 90231 Type of a scam Phishing A guy named Cameron Hughes sent a message through LinkedIn website and later on asked my Whatsapp number. He said he’s a US Army deployed in Syria. We became chatmates then later lovers. He’s sweet, romantic and good-looking guy so you may think he’s a perfect catch. Then July 27, 2020 he told me he will be redeployed in Afghanistan and he will not bring his personal belongings so he will send it to me. He gave me a tracking number for GMAX International Delivery Company, an…