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USTEC solutions

Angela – Victim Location 67108 Total money lost $300 Type of a scam Tech Support one year ago I signed up for their computer help program with the assurance from them it was a onetime charge.Now they are trying to automatically charge my bank account for renewal and I do not want it. i called them and I get the runaround.

Narrissa Williams

Trevor – Victim Location 26415 Type of a scam Employment I responded to an online job offer from miss Williams as she needed a couple people to help her out and the pay would be $150 a week, I contacted her she explained to me that the work was posting rental properties on Craigslist. I ask for more information and she sent me to the Hangouts messanger app for more details. So I did and took the job and she promptly explained what I was to do and gave me a list of 6 rental properties to post on Craigslist,…

Vayo financial incorporared

Theodore – Victim Location 48170 Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes They sent a check for ***. And wanted *** of it sent back to them

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Ganninc Enterprises

Cory – Aug 29, 2020 Got a $1978.16 check in the mail. Looked on line and find out if it was a scam, it seems that it was. I noticed the check had no company name on the check. Casey – Jul 06, 2020 I got a check in the mail. Decided to look up the name to see if it was a scam. As it turns out it was! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! Christopher – Jun 30, 2020 I looked it up and was thankful to find this…they sent a check and the address on the check was…

Merchant Software Sales and Support

Trisha – Victim Location 75189 Total money lost $199.99 Type of a scam Tech Support Not sure if I got scammed or not. Called AT&T at 1-877-267-2988 about not being able to get into my personal e-mail account. She said I needed a network clean up,remove hackers, worms and junk mail. To restart services and have a smart network firewall. She sent me to another person and he showed me with the cursor on my computer screen a lot of activity. He showed hackers and all kinds of malware. He showed on my screen a firewall that I needed. He…

Valley National Loans

April – Victim Location 55021 Total money lost $3,200 Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan I got a call from them saying I got approved for a loan from 1000 to 5000 dollars I had to purchase iTunes cards Alexis – Victim Location 65646 Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan Applied online for a cash advance loan and recieved a phone call 2 days later. said that I was approved for a $1500 loan and that amazon had funded their buisness so to prove that I would be able to make the monthly payments of $150 to pay…

Vibram Spoof

Emily – Type of a scam Online Purchase I found the website when looking for a discontinued model of Vibram five fingers shoes. Not only does this website seem to have all models, including those nobody else has, the prices are super low. There are many grammar mistakes throughout the website and Google identifies the site as not secure. Whois provides no insight on where they are located and the oldest page found by Web Archive is dated August of 2019. Too many warning flags for me to take a chance. I was going to write and ask then to…

Flaxie IT Web

Bobby – Jul 15, 2020 Victim Location 78641 Type of a scam Tech Support This is the email I received: SECURITY AND SERVICES (FEES) Inbox x Jone Frank 1:58 AM (9 hours ago) to gw1924607, chadrickbrockschmidt, aaronjellsworth, leewafer, lucy.homes, tblevins.realestate, jtmcduff, kenbest2, madejumo, azhugh, hghulen, pickj69, dulanskyhomes, me DEAR CUSTOMER, We Thank you on the completion of your 4.5 year Windows Defender protection plan with FLAXIE IT WEB. We have charged you $699.00 for the 4.5 years of subscription from your account. We tried to contact you on your register number for queries but could not get through. Deduction of…

None “Important Legal Documents”

Garrett – Victim Location 97045 Type of a scam Phishing Repeat phone calls from this phone number and variations with the last number changing. All of them or recordings saying they have important legal documents that must be delivered to me and this is the final time they will attempt to call me.

Impo-Expo Agent Azuno Consultants Pvt Limited.

Bryce – Victim Location 35004 Total money lost $800 Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan I was cheat, scam and with net extortion, black mailing and death treat warning was given to me.Those persons call with Violent expression, if you do not accept they black mail you on internet. They were representating themself as good company. I Maha Rana Pratab Singh Puran With Italian Travel *** *** I request to file a net extorsion case, and black mailing because those persons and company have make violent net extorsion to me and my company. They call an offer good loan…

Noble English Bulldogs

Candice – Victim Location 02809 Total money lost $600 Type of a scam Online Purchase This website is a total scam. The person who contacts you sounds presentable however they are scammers. I sent funds for the pup and I wanted to make sure it showed sold on the website. It never did then I used another email and asked was the same pup available and the answer was yes. I paid for the pup but yet they replied back to my fake email account that it was for sale. The “seller/breeder” will have you sign a fake contract and…


Ronald – Victim Location 13901 Type of a scam Government Grant I received several phone calls claiming that they were from www.mygovernmentgrants.com. They told me that I had been chosen randomly to receive $10,200. I would be able to get this money via Money Gram…..BUT…I would need to pay $250 up front to get the money. There may have been other details, but I could barely understand the caller due to his very thick foreign accent. I do not know if this is a scam…..but it sure sounds like it!