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Vehicles For Veterans

Preston – Victim Location 66062 Type of a scam Charity We have now realized the company we donated a car to uses multiple names. The name that drew us in was Vehicles For Veterans. But the other names on other correspondence includes Car Donation Foundation (Car Donation Foundation, Inc. in the past), National Fundraising Management, and even a metals waste company. We gave our signed title to the towtruck driver who picked up our car. We then received phone calls telling us they lost our car title and now need us to sign a power of attorney for both our…

williamson,morgan and associates

Armando – Victim Location 36265 Type of a scam Other I recieved a message on my cell phone to call this number 1-855-315-7085 that my case number was 15698. These people had my last 4 of my social security number and also they were saying I am being sued but cannot tell any information unless i confirm my social. They also preceded to say I had been charged with cocaine possession? They told me they didnt have to tell me who was sueing me? For that possession? That I was being charged with this? I was very angry and called…

Val Kam Tree Service

Monique – Victim Location 07661 Total money lost $500 Type of a scam Home Improvement On 6/4/18, David Kaminsky from Val-kam tree service agreed to remove trees from my backyard on 6/14/18 if I paid him 500 dollars cash deposit on the spot. I gave the guy the deposit and he told me he will come back on 6/14/18 to remove the trees. When the day came, I had to call him to ask if he was still coming and was told he can not make it and will come the next day. He then kept rescheduling on me every…

BP Oil Imposter – Friend Emergency Scam

Brenda – Aug 31, 2020 Victim Location 14845 Total money lost $30,000 Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency Told me they were a company that a man I was talking to. Oil worker was being held on the oil rig and I needed to pay for his freedom

Nationwide Recovery Group, LLC.

Manuel – Victim Location 78232 Total money lost $100 Type of a scam Debt Collections Nationwide Recovery Group, LLC. called me on my cell phone and then contacted me on my personal extension that no one has except my federal student loan. They threatened to take me to court if I did not pay. She got irate after I asked her for the original documentation. I called the corporate company they stated they were calling for and they confirmed I had a zero balance.

Firehouse Promotions

Whitney – Victim Location 53144 Total money lost $700 Type of a scam Charity Firehouse promotions is a SCAM they called our agency and wanted us to be a part of local Kenosha Firefighters for 8 x 10 paper(with 4 small magnets for each corner) we paid $700 for a 1/4 with our business card. They were very persistant and stated that they were holding a spot for us, which they would call 2x or 3x a day until we agreed to go ahead, based on them stating the local City of Kenosha Fire Department also were involved. NOT there…

Windows Computer Refund Department

Paula – Victim Location 93065 Total money lost $400 Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order They call and say they are from Microsoft Windows refund department and attempt to get bank information so they can directly deposit the supposed refund. In reality it’s to access and steal the money out of your bank account not to deposit any.

Unidentified surveyor

Natasha – Victim Location 50118 Type of a scam Employment The man on the phone said he was with a survey company that wanted to ask questions about issues I the world today and would I have a few minutes to answer some questions. I said “sure”. He then said this was not a call to market or try to sell anything. I said “ok”. The call was then disconnected. I am not sure if this affected any finances I have but I thought it was very suspicious and wanted to report it. I tried to call the number back…


Claudia – Victim Location 28532 Type of a scam Government Grant I’ve received numerous calls from this number. He had my first name and said he was from the government grants department. Said I was selected to receive a $9,000 grant and I was chosen because I don’t owe the government, I’ve never been bankrupt and that I have a good relationship with the government. I asked how much it was for again and then asked again what company he was with and he hung up.

Foundation of American Veterans

Micheal – Victim Location 33584 Type of a scam Charity Repetitive calls before 8:00 am and after 9:00 pm. Caller refuses to identify themselves demanding money and uses vulgar language when turned down. Refuses to stop calling and is becoming troublesome and annoying. Lauren – Victim Location 33584 Type of a scam Charity Repetitive calls demanding money. Rude and uncivil language. Harassment. Call at all hours (before 8:am and after 9:pm). Caller refuses to identify self with full name.

Imposter: NE Chimney

Anna – Victim Location 06029 Type of a scam Home Improvement individual called unsolicited 3 times within 1 week, offering chimney cleaning service. high pressure, offering deep discount. $129 for a duplex or even willing to do 1/2 of that. offered to come on a saturday. called at 8:30pm on a friday to confirm even after i said i had not made a decision. i called the company that the caller used to identify himself (**-chimney) and they deny this individual or this phone number is associated with their company. they deny price is credible, the deny the practice of…


Taryn – Jul 03, 2020 Victim Location 37919 Total money lost $60 Type of a scam Credit Cards They had a change of address form i filled out for moving & mail forwarding. I thought it was usps but it was not. My credit card was charged $59.95. No contact address or phone number listed. I had to cancel my card & reorder a new one. My rent & other bills are late because of it.