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Xavier University Spoof

Craig – Victim Location 45039 Type of a scam Phishing I received a call today 2-13-19 11:25a.m.EST on the caller ID it says Xavier Univ, but there is no number. I accepted the call and said Xavier University what do you want to talk to me about, and the line was silent. I have been getting these calls for two months now.

U.Should. Treasury

Dennis – Victim Location 01532 Type of a scam Tax Collection Two phone calls from Chicago il. Saying to contact U.S. Treasury , if we don’t call we may imprisoned. They want usome to call for tax evasion. They’ll represent us. Called from 773-253-4640, August 3rd, 10:00 a.m. from an automated female phone voice.

United nation money grant

Gerald – Victim Location 32778 Type of a scam Government Grant Friend on Facebook sent me a message on Messenger about government money $50,000 at her door step and provided the number to text the number I texted Michael then requested information that I’m not comfortable providing with out legit information back via email

US Treasury Department impostor

Carrie – Victim Location 44721 Type of a scam Tax Collection I have received 7 different phone calls from scammers between 6/13/17-4/12/2019 saying that the purpose of this call is regarding an enforcement action against me which as been executed by the US Treasury Department regarding Tax fraud against my name. One call was stating that there were suspicious and fraudulent activities in the state of Texas. And pretty much the rest of the other phone calls were threats of terminating my tax ID number and seizing my wages and bank accounts as I have not taken any action to…

FDAA grant

Lindsay – Victim Location 98577 Type of a scam Charity Hi, today, 1/22/19, and yesterday, I have encountered impersonators claiming to be my Messenger friend, Nancy Bxxxxx. They claimed, through her, that an ongoing social private grant through the FDAA was available to me for 2019/2020, which she had also claimed in the amount of "100,000.00" (exact typo). They used the following contact info and nothing more: Call Sandra Sims, Agent (and they told me to hurry) When I did call, the recording was answered by one Robert Davis, with an African American sounding voice. I gave them my phone…


Jason – Sep 09, 2020 Victim Location 75154 Type of a scam Investment Wants me to send her money and she will flip it and give me more than double. She asked someone I know to send $350 and he did, she responded back saying she made him $25,000.00 he just needed to send her $800 to pay the IRS for taxes and he did. She said she would deposit on cash app but she didn’t.

Mercy Cheaghankwain

Alexander – Victim Location 97005 Type of a scam Online Purchase This person shared on a facebook page that she was very sick and needed to rehome her English bulldog puppy. I reached out to her and shared my story of how we just had our English bulldog pass away. She stated she was not asking for money and she wants him to go to a good home. She stated all she would need is shipping costs and he would be here tomorrow. I told her I needed to speak with my husband and she did not like that answer.…

North Post

Summer – Victim Location 92311 Type of a scam Employment Reroute packages and inspect. Them suppose to be paid 2300 a month but they shut me down on my paydate cannot get ahold of also finding out they are using my name and info for. Purchases and address for mail. Richard – Victim Location 35901 Type of a scam Employment I got an email saying I could work as a package inspector and we would be paid once a month in the sum of $2300. I applied for the job and got it. Well, these packages started coming in, with…

US Federal Student Loan Services

Cole – Victim Location 11211 Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief I have been receiving frequent calls from them. It begins with a pre-recorded audio message with instructions. I decided that I would speak with them to get them to stop calling me. A lady with a thick Indian accent answered. I said "Hi, I don’t even have student loans". She hung up.


Terry – Victim Location 80011 Total money lost $53 Type of a scam Online Purchase Online Jersey Order no response as of 12/05/2016 Jon – Victim Location 80011 Total money lost $53 Type of a scam Online Purchase Online Jersey Order no response as of 12/05/2016


Nicole – Victim Location 63033 Type of a scam Utility I had the phone number from Ameren call me and say that my electricity was going to be shut off today unless I paid my bill. My bill is up to date and I verified with Ameren afterwards. Somehow they called using Ameren’s number. They also called my cell phone which isn’t connected to my Ameren account.

Innovative Repairs Inc.

Kari – Victim Location 27539 Type of a scam Tech Support Claimed my computer is infected with malware, warned not to use it for any banking or purchasing. Offered plans to scan/protect ranging from 1 to 3 years, @ $199 to $399, payable by check only, to be sent within 24 hours. They apparently did scan my computer but I saw nothing discovered as a problem. Very bad phone connection with lots of clicks, speakers sounded Indian, but both had American names. Erica – Victim Location 54304 Type of a scam Tech Support There was a message on my machine…