Auto Smart Title History Report

Raymond –

Victim Location 83001

Type of a scam Phishing

I’ve listed a vehicle for sale on Craigslist and have been contacted by buyers who insist on a vehicle report from a specific website. The latest involved the website a domain search shows this site is only two months old and there’s no Google hits on anyone using this site for VIN reports. When I replied to the ‘buyer’ that I’d already provided a vehicle report linked to my ad he stopped emailing. I did not attempt to access the site as it seems likely to be either a phishing or malware scam.

Here’s the email I received from the ‘buyer’ which is very strange in that I never gave an address for him to visit yet he talks about coming right over and of course his ‘loan officer’ wants a VIN report (which I’d already linked in my ad) from a specific site that looks to be a scam:

"I’m ready to come and talk over the details.

I also need to make sure everything is legit on the vehicle. Can you provide a current Title Report?

My loan officer has requested a report from .

I would really feel more comfortable buying a vehicle with an official Title report."

Hard to say what they’re after with this one, but I won’t click on a dubious URL and his sudden disinterest in the vehicle he seemed so eager to see is a dead giveaway that something isn’t right here.

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