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Jenny – Oct 13, 2020

On the 7 April 2020 I bought a Toby Interactive Ball from these people. They emailed and said they would send a tracking number. Never did. I have never received the ball, haven’t been able to contact them at all. They had the audacity to send an email from Two for Toby welcoming me back with a 15% discount. When clicked on the site it took me to guess what Bark More Store. During whole debacle I have contacted have tried to contact Bark More Store then I got a couple of return emails from Marianne Villar (Two For Toby) saying she would look into it. Nothing again. My poor dog is very sad about this affair. THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAMMERS DO NOT BUY FROM THEM

Alexis – Jun 17, 2020

Bark More Store is a FRAUDULENT SCAM!
I bought a dog toy from them over a month ago, and it hasn’t yet arrived. They sent 6 e-mails after the purchase – one ‘confirmation’ with a claim they’d be sending me a tracking number in the next few days (I have never received one), and six that were encouraging me to by more products from them.
I tried to contact them by e-mail but have had ZERO response.
After digging into them a bit more, I discovered multiple threads where people say they’d had the same experience and have never received goods from them. You can also see from their instagram page that they’ve been deleting comments – I’m assuming they’re deleting people’s warnings.
DO NOT BUY FROM BARK MORE STORE, and please warn as many people as you can with dogs. You can also report them to PayPal and Instagram – the more people who do it, the less likely it is they will be able to continue scamming!

Joy – Jun 12, 2020

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS STORE. Seriously they’re a joke of a company and a total scam. Emails no response or sometimes don’t even deliver. Phone number doesn’t exist. Products ordered over a month ago…no tracking number no update, no response to multiple inquiries. This company is unethical garbage. DO NOT BUY

Beth – Jun 07, 2020

I ordered about $70 worth of toys since 03/18/2020. Never received my goods and they never answer emails or my credit card company inquiries.. This is a scam company. I don’t normally buy without reviewing site but did with this one. Fooled by them.

Their telephone in their facebook site is a non Working number.

Stephanie – Apr 10, 2020

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

After purchasing a $25 rolling ball toy, I was offered a 60% off discount for another purchase, without any detail regarding what that purchase could be. All indication was that by clicking YES, I would be forwarded to the shop again for another purchase for which I could get 60% off. Instead, I was automatically charged for another order of the same product for slightly less each! I have no use for double the order. Looked into the company more and read the other responses. EVEN THEIR BLOGS ARE PLAGIARIZED – checked by googling the text. DO NOT BUY.

Ivan – Mar 08, 2020

I ordered a toy for my dog before Christmas. They have no customer service and no way of reaching them. It is a complete scam. Please don’t purchase . Head on to Amazon or a reputable company. There Facebook page is even fake. I am pretty savvy about on line purchases but they fooled me!

Danny – Mar 03, 2020

Such a scam! This place will only send you half of your order that you purchased. They will only answer half of your questions and then they will block your email after 60 days, so that you cannot dispute the claim with your bank. TOTAL RIP OFF

Kyle – Feb 19, 2020

Total rip off, I ordered two items, only received one. Sent numerous emails, no response. Phone number is “not assigned”. Scam company for sure. Lesson learned. $30 lost.

Suzanne – Feb 11, 2020

I ordered $78 worth of merchandise 81 days ago and have not received the items. I have emailed them multiple times and after a week or more of waiting, received a note saying my order was processed with no shipment tracking information (and no apology). The customer service phone number on the website is not in service. This is either a true scam or a horribly run business.

Tina –

Victim Location 40508

Total money lost $25

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company had a seemingly legitimate website for dog toys that I found in a shopping guide created by google at the top of its page. This company was in the scrolling list of vendors at the top of the search. I failed to check for contact information (they only have an in-house boilerplate customer service form online). I made my purchase, and was concerned that the company required 5-7 BUSINESS days to fulfill my order. I waited the seven days, and the order is still not filled. I wrote to them both on the website and the sham order confirmation email I received, requesting a cancellation of my order and a refund. No response.

Avoid this clearly scamming company and purchase pet supplies from amazon or a trusted retailer was the lesson learned here.

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