Face Replen

Hector –

Total money lost $154.23

Type of a scam Online Purchase

this company is advertising on facebook for younger looking skin creams etc, 14 day trial if not happy return for refund. they dont respond back til after 14 days at that time they take 154.23 from your credit card which they asked for during the trial to pay for shipping. they continue hitting your credit card over and over. the product was returned unopened and it sat the post office for several days after not being accepted for return on delivery. now they want to only offer a 30 percent refund for something unopened that is returned

Virginia –

Total money lost $443.17

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a trial sample, by clicking "send my trial" at http://facereplencream.net. I send an email the same day to make sure I was not charged for the full amount, never received an anwer, but got charged anyways. Today they send another sample. I have phoned for the adress to send it back and they will not give me a refund or an address to return it to.

The charges were from Beauty Persevere 866-692-9156 GBR for $ 149.93 and

Amwayclearhelp.com Tallenstown IRL for 143.31

This is the email I sent the same day, they claim they did not receive it:

[email protected] Dec.5.2016


I just ordered two samples and I want to make sure that you will not automatically charge me for the full package unless I order it.

I could not see any footnote saying that you will send more.


*** ***

Raymond –

Total money lost $293.24

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On December-18-2016 I ordered a free sample. All that was required was I pay the shipping charges.

I my credit card financial institution asked me to send an email of officially, require a cancellation authorisation from each of these websites.





I DID NOT AUTHORISE CHARGES BEYOND DECEMBER-18-2016. Your marketing practices are misleading. I did NOT authorise any charges beyond the free sample shipping charges to be made to my credit card account. ABSOLUTELY NOT!

What face-replen.com/image-revive.com are doing is offering a ‘tainted offer’ with ‘inadvertent contract’ which is in fact called NOB [negative option billing] which became illegal in the province of Ontario in 2005. Being that I was told the freesamples could be returned to P.O. Box 66010, 1116 Wilson Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M3M 1G0, you are unlawfully operating a business in your registered province of Ontario. [return authorisation ***]

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