Colin –

Victim Location 44224

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Someone "hacked" a good friend’s FB Messenger and posed as them and contact you asking if you heard about the good news with facebook. when you ask, they say how they received $300,000 from Mark Zuckerburg as a result of Facebooks’ success. they give you a number to text and a name to ask for.. they ask for your name and email address and "verify" that you were on the list. they claim to process the claim and you will receive either a check or cash from UPS within 24 hours, oh and… you have to PAY $1000 to a UPS claims officer to receive the money… i knew when they wanted that $1000 , it was a scam… and the person who messaged you are to technical with the details to get the money…

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